Eternity's End

We are the Improvisational Theater Guild in Auburn, CA, USA

We meet Fridays at 8:00 (for charcter registration). The Game starts promptly at 9:00, which usually runs until at least midnight. Game costs $2 per person since the conferance room isn't free ;)


The next Game is taking place on 1/12 in the conference room of the MicoTel hotel. To get there, follow these directions:

Take I-80 to Rocklin (south of Auburn, north of Sac). Get off at the "Rocklin Road" exit.

Turn west, away from Sierra College, towards the Denny's and Taco Bell.

Behind the Denny's is a MictoTel hotel. We're in their conference room. Out-of-character stuff will be handled from 8:00 to 9:00pm. Game starts at 9pm.






Get directions to our Auburn site (which we don't use much now-a-days) here.