For many years the 1971 classic cult car chase film...
starring "BARRY NEWMAN" in the role of "KOWALSKI" has had a worldwide following.
This undying devotion is most evident by the number of fans who have resurrected white 1970 Dodge Challengers, and affectionatly labeled them...
One of these finer "clone" cars receieved great recognition in the summer of 2003 by being featured in the rock video...
"Show Me How to Live" performed by "AUDIOSLAVE".
By implementing a supercharged music score with original "VANISHING POINT" movie footage, then beautifully blending scenes of the band with a "cloned" Challenger, "AUDIOSLAVE" has stamped their own brand forever on the phenomenon known as "VANISHING POINT"!
The "clone" used in "Show Me How to Live" belongs to "MOPARMANDAN", a long time "MOPAR" fanatic, gearhead and great fan of  "VANISHING POINT"
Dan resides in California, and shares his role of moderator of the Yahoo "VP" group with another "clone" car owner known as "COMETSTORM".
Clicking on "Dan's" license plate below will give you an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor on a rare occasion...
while the beast is sitting still!!!
yahoo group
cometstrom's clone
behind the scenes making "Show Me How to Live"
behind the scenes during the filming of "VANISHING POINT"