Effective November 26, 2004 my old personal site "The Complete Waste of Time Extravaganza" is finished off. But the legacy lives on as the Maison Ikkoku Alliance (MIA) and some of my trips pages have moved on to my new home at Scatter-gun.com. However, since I'm sure the Eva drinking game is still popular with some of you guys out there I have decided to update it strip out the crud and leave it here for you to enjoy. Thanks for all your support and kind words over the years, hope you enjoy the new site as much as I enjoyed making it.

The Anime Wrestling Federation Version 3.0 Final - The last AWF Card I completed (only two years late!)

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking Game (Non-alcoholic version) Version 1.1.1 Beta - Updated 11/26/2004

The Maison Ikkoku Alliance (now on scatter-gun.com) - Updated 11/26/2004