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Welcome to Café na Teia, a cyberplace dedicated to coffee, its history and its influence on modern society. My name is Alvaro Augusto de Almeida, I'm Brazilian and I'll be your guide in this journey through the world of coffee.

First of all, what's the meaning of "Café na Teia"? It's a Brazilian expression that means "Coffee in the Web". When said in Portuguese, the language Brazilians speak, it rhymes with "Café na Veia", that means "Coffee in the Vein". Relax, I'm not addicted to any kind of drugs. It's only a joke.

So, if I am Brazilian why is this site written in English? Well, on the one hand, English is the language of the Internet. On the other hand, I've already built a website in Portuguese. You may check it at, but it's really dedicated to finance and computers, not to coffee.

Why did I decide to build this site? It may sound weird, but one Friday night I was working on another web site of mine and I drank a couple of huge coffee mugs. I don't know if it was the effect of the coffee or the excitation of working long hours at the computer, but I coudn't sleep soon. The fact is that on the next Saturday morning I dreamt I was working for Starbucks and building a web site about coffee! So, here it is (the site, not the job!). I hope you enjoy it.


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