Augusta Award Application

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This Award is given to homesteaders whose site shows creativity and originality. We are looking for golf oriented sites that are unique and have something different to offer the surfer. Please fill out this application if your site fits this description.

Guidelines and Criteria:

The first and most important criteria is that the entire site is strictly within the GeoCities Content Guidelines. Homesteaders' sites will be reviewed and all awards will be given out contingent upon the following (7) criteria:

  • Does it belong in the hood it's in? How well does it fit in?

  • Is there imaginative use of programming e.g., Java, JavaScript, DHTML, great HTML, multimedia components, etc.?

  • Is the site error free? (spelling, general grammar and broken links or images)

  • Does the site have unique content?

  • How well designed is the site and its usage of graphics?

  • Is the user interface intuitive and simple?

  • Is the visitor invited to participate with the content on the site? (games, contests, stories, educational value, etc.)

Voting Process:

1) Sites nominated will be reviewed each week by the CLs of Augusta. Sites that did not have an ample amount of CLs voting on it will be held back. This "ample amount" will depend on the amount of CLs in each hood and the Awards Chair will be responsible for making the final call to submit or not.

2) CLs will score each page based on the criteria outlined in the above section. For each of those components, a score will be given (e.g., 1-10, 10 being best) and a total will be determined and from that a scale will be used to judge whether or not a site deserves the award. Just as an example, all scores above 50 are passing and should receive the award, as a suggested cut-off point.

3) The Awards Chair will submit pages that have been amply reviewed and received a passing score to the Community Manager.


What is your name?

What is your E Mail Address?

What is your complete Augusta address?

Is your site golf related? Yes No

Is the material on your site original or copied?

Original Copied Some of both

Are all of your links to pages in your directory? ( Do your links keep the surfer on your site?) Yes No

Do all of your links work? Yes Oops!

Do you use the GeoGuide? Yes No

What is different or unusual about your site?

Do you have any additional comments?

Please check the form over before submitting it. Your answers are important, especially the correct addresses.

Thank you for your application. Winners will be notified.