Augusta Community Leader Application



Thank you for your interest in becoming an Augusta Community Leader (CL). The CL job can be very rewarding and fun as you meet new people and help them build their new homes in Augusta and GeoCities. The information presented here should answer most of your questions about becoming a CL.


  • CL's meet new people.
  • CL's help people by answering their questions and getting to know them.
  • CL's work with other CL's to help Augusta be a nice place to visit and live.
  • CL's look for nice pages to give awards to.
  • CL's attend meetings and vote on line.


  • First you must live in Augusta or one of its suburbs.
  • You must be willing to spend some time helping every week. Most of us are on an hour every day.
  • Your site in Augusta must have golf as its main theme.
  • Your site must follow all of GeoCities guidelines. As a Leader, you are setting an example.
  • You need some skill with HTML in order to help others. Your site should stand out a little.
  • You must know where most everything is in GeoCities and be able to tell people how to find it.


Yes there are.

  • First, you get to help others.
  • 25 GeoPoints per month. These go toward special drawings and prizes that Geo gives away
  • After 6 months as a CL, you are eligible for free GeoPlus membership.
  • You will get other things as GeoCities gives them out. They like CL's and do very nice things for us.


  • First, you must always be polite when representing GeoCities and Augusta.
  • GeoCities values your opinion but be courteous when expressing it.
  • Always answer your E Mail promptly.
  • Try to follow the Golden Rule and you can't go wrong.


Yes, GeoCities has a minimum age that you must have seen when you signed up. You must be 13 or get your parents consent. Augusta likes the CL to be 15.


Training is cool. You will get to go to GeoU. It is an online school set up just for training a new CL. You will meet your Mentor and they will see that you complete 5 lessons. This will help prepare you to help other people. After that, you will take a fianl exam. When you pass, you will begin orientation in Augusta. You will be on "probation" for one month while you learn how we do things. The whole thing should take about 2 weeks.

That's all there is to it. Sounds like fun, huh? Remember, that we expect you to stay wih us for a while. This is not really a short term thing and sometimes it is work but mostly we all have fun doing it and we think you will too.

What do you say? Want to send us your name and stuff so we can tell you more? OK, good. Fill out this little application and we will contact you.

Real Name

GeoCities Member Name

Your complete Geocities URL

E Mail Address

What is your age?

If under 18, will your parents provide their consent to allow you to participate?

Yes No

How long have you been a GeoCities Member?

Is your site Golf oriented? Yes No

Thank you for your interest. We will look forward to talking to you.

Remember, being a Community Leader is an important responsibility. Children under 13 are not permitted to apply. The personal information you will be providing is being sent to and collected by a volunteer, a Community Leader, and NOT an employee of GeoCities. This information is being collected solely for the purpose of evaluating your application to become a Community Leader, and deterrmining whether you should be accepted as an [Neighborhod] Community Leader. As part of the evaluation process, your information is likely to be reviewed by other [Neighborhood] Community Leaders, and may be kept on file by the [Neighborhood] Community Leaders for an indeterminate period of time. [any other uses should be disclosed]. Please contact if you have any questions about your information is used.