Do you ever play the back tees?

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Previous Surveys

16% say they have shot par for 18 holes.

67% say they use steel shafts in their irons

29% say they use long putters.

76% say they fix more than their ball mark on the green. Thank you very much !

41% say they putt every putt in a round of golf. Shame on the rest of you.

85% of those surveyed say they walk when playing golf.

45% say they have had a hole in one. That's surprising !

53% say that they have cheated when keeping score. Thanks for being honest.

Should any Professional Golfer be allowed to use a golf cart when playing in a tournament? 54% said yes.

Are you necessarily entitled to see your golfball when playing a stroke? The rules and 40% said, No.

Do you repair ball marks on the green? 97% said yes. Can you believe that some actually do not repair ball marks?