2008 Phi Sigma Kappa Reunion
( I put some names on these - not sure they're right )

1-Al Reeves

3-Dan Ready

2-Buddy Martin

3-Dan Ready

4-Denny Watson

5-Dick Kassis

7-George Cate

6-Dick Vortman

7-George Cate

8-Grant Armstrong

9-Harry Stewart

11-Mark Kanai

10-Jim Ashcraft

11-Mark Kanai

12-Mike Walker

13-Myron Erickson

15-Dick Bouton

14-Paul Ulrich

15-Dick Bouton

16-Rich Loverde

17-Rich Meier

19-Scott Walker

18-Russ Hedrick

19-Scott Walker

20-Dale McGrew

21-Jerry Ongerth

Didn't have an old picture of Jim Ghidella or Tim Scolfield

See if you can match pictures above with pictures below
Also can you put a name with each picture?

Send your guesses to Buddy Martin - wallysur@hotmail.com

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 Jim Ghidella, Dick Vortman, Grant Armstrong, Paul Ulrich

Russ Hedrick - Dennis Watson

Rich Meier - Myron Erickson

Dick Kassis - Dick Vortman

Mike Walker, Dick Kassis, Jim Ghidella

Harry Stewart, Rich Loverde

Geri Grant, ?,?

Mark Kanai, Dick Bouton

Scott Walker, Dan Ready, Myron Erickson

Buddy Martin - Jim Ghidella

Jim Ashcraft, Dick Kassis, Denis Watson, Russ Hedrick, Dick Vortman

Grant Armstrong - Mark Kanai

Mike Walker, ?

Jim Ghidella - Scott Walker

George Cate, Dick Kassis, Mike Walker, Jim Ghidella

Mark Kanai, Paul Ulrich, Russ Hedrick, Jim Ashcraft

Dale McGrew, George Cate, Scott Walker

Dale McGrew, Jim Ghidella, Rich Meier, Dennis Watson

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