Selecting and Fitting Clubs

Shaft Flex

As a general guide, to determine the appropriate shaft flex for you, you should measure the distance you hit a Driver. See the chart below and the Shafts section of this site to find the appropriate shaft flex for you based on this measurement:

Distance Hit with a Driver
(Carry only, do not include roll)
Recommended Flex
(Clubhead speed a factor)
Less than 180 Yards Ladies Flex
From 181-200 Yards Senior Flex
From 200-240 Yards Regular Flex
From 241-275 Yards Stiff Flex
Greater than 275 Yards Extra-Stiff Flex

Graphite vs. Steel Shafts

If you need to stay on a tight budget, steel shafts will help accomplish this. Many beginners start this way to determine how much they enjoy the game before moving on to more advanced equipment. Many advanced players like the heavier feel of steel shafts. This is why you see the majority of pro golfers playing with steel shafts.

Graphite shafts, however, are generally recommended for most beginning to intermediate golfers. The cost is slightly higher, but the benefits are great. Senior players and women benefit as well from a graphite shaft due to its lighter weight and responsiveness. Also, the shaft will have a softer feel, reducing the shock sometimes felt at impact with the ground and ball.

See the Shafts section of this site for more detailed information about steel and graphite shafts.

Grip Size

Pay attention to grip size. If the grips are too small then you will have a tendency to turn your hands over through impact and this results in pulls and hooks. If the grip is too large your ability to rotate your hands through the ball decreases resulting in a slice. By knowing your glove size you know how big your hand is, and can obtain grips larger or smaller, as necessary. Grips come in two sizes, normal or large. A large or extra large glove size could benefit from a larger than normal grip.

Club Lie

The lie angle of the golf club can have a significant impact on ball flight. If the angle is too flat (heel in the air), the toe of the club will impact the ground first and have a tendency to push the ball to the right. If too upright (toe in the air), the ball flight will tend to be to the left especially with the more lofted irons. See the chart below to find the appropriate club lie for you based on your height:

your Height (with your shoes on) the Correct Lie
Shorter than 5 feet, 2 inches 3 degrees flat
5 feet, 2 inches - 5 feet, 5 inches 2 degrees flat
5 feet, 5 inches - 5 feet, 8 inches 1 degree flat
5 feet, 8 inches - 6 foot Standard lie
6 foot - 6 foot, 2 inches 1 degree upright
6 foot, 2 inches - 6 foot, 5 inches 2 degrees upright
Taller than 6 foot, 5 inches 3 degrees upright

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