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Family;   Wonderful family, with caring parents plus a talented brother, Scott. We all seem to have started with nothing, and ended up on top of the world, but that's not true. We started with, and have always had, each other and the desire to help and care through the good and bad. I attribute this to our success. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Kids;   Two great kids, Jason and Laura. They keep me going when I start to feel old. Jason is 16 and loves the computer thing, Laura is 12 and has me wrapped around her little finger. They are typical kids, want everything yesterday, and I hope they get everything they ever want. Most of all, I hope they find peace and happiness in this old world.

Girl;   Patty, great personality, innocent but can do for herself. Can't play golf, won't even watch it, but she has a true, pure heart of gold. She's learning how to drive a Harley now, look out curbs and cars, has her own Sportster. Writes corporate financial software, sounds worse than it is. I am blessed to have even known her.

Machines;   Got a few, together they cost as much as my golf habit. There's the 1993 Springer with a few performance enhancements. Then there's the 1999 Corvette Coupe, eats 99.9% of everything it passes on the straight or curve. And a 1999 Ultra with the new "Fat Head", twin-cam 88, a great touring bike. Love to drive and ride. I enjoy the sound and freedom you feel on the road. Have made a ton of good friends and seen some fantastic views of America. Life Member of HOG, and a hardcore Vette lover.

Computers;   Electronic anything. Built my own computer and some others too (don't quit the day job) Enjoy the "Geek" thing I guess, and it is a challenge to bring it all together, especially the software. Like my Rock and Roll and good movies. I seem to have time to collect and refurbish old electronic Pinball's, Slot Machines, etc.

Golf;   Love the game, hate the game, lucky I have little time to play. I sometimes shoot a good round or two. Played on some really great golf courses. Seem to have a small fortune in clubs (It's never the club, it's the swing) I'm a member of Memphis National Country Club, an Arnold Palmer facitily. Enjoy playing by the rules.

Work;   Or job or mission or what ever you want to call it. I am an Enroute Air Traffic Controller. I work at Memphis ARTCC, since 1981. Big building, with a lead lined control room, rows of scopes, everyone talking to aircraft over 6 or so states. Something different everyday, like the people, many unusual personalities, interesting occupation, UFO's?

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