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arnold palmer

Among those who enjoy the beauty and the challenge of golf are a select few who approach the grass canvas with the passion of Mozart and the patience of Da Vinci. Only one master of the game transcends all others as the personification of golf - Arnold Palmer.

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Mr. Palmer emerged from humble beginnings with the will to abandon caution in a life-long pursuit of victory. Flanked by loyal fans and determined to take the risks that defined his game, Mr. Palmer has won countless triumphs and universal admiration.

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davis love III

Davis Love III joined the PGA Tour in 1985 as it's youngest member. In his rookie year, he won over $100,000 and led the entire tour in driving distance with an average of 285.7 yards.

A three time All-American at the University of North Carolina, Davis comes by his golfing ability honestly, as he is the son of the late Davis Love, Jr., a well-known Golf Digest instructor. Davis has made three consecutive Ryder Cups and plays well in the majors.

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