golf terms and their meaning

Ace;  A hole in-one. Triumph (16084 bytes)

Away;  When you are "away" it's your turn to play, usually because your ball is farthest from the hole.

Birdie;  A score of one stroke under par on a single hole.

Bogey;  A score of one stroke over par on a single hole.

Bunker;  A hazard that is usually filled with sand.

Chip;  A short shot usually hit from around the green.

Dimple;  The indentations on a golf ball.

Divot;  A piece of turf dug out of the ground in the process of hitting the ball.

Dogleg;  A fairway that "bends" to the right or left.

Driver;  The club that has the lowest loft, usually hits the longest and is used on the tee.

Fairway;  The part of a hole that laeds from tee to green.

Fore;  What you shout when a shot looks like it will hit someone.

Green;  The part of a course on which you putt.

Grip;  The part of a golf club you hold when hitting.

Hazard;  Parts of the course for which you are penalized for hitting into. Mr. Mackenzie (16790 bytes)

Hook;  A shot that curves left of it's target.

Iron;  Clubs usually used from the fairway.

Lip;  The rim around the hole.

Marker;  An item used to mark the position of your golf ball, usually on the green.

Match Play;  A competition by holes between two players/teams. One player/team defeats the other by winning more holes than there are left to play.

Medal Play;  A competition where the player wins with the lowest number of strokes. (Also known as stroke play.)

OB;  Short for "Out of Bounds." The area lying outside the defined golf course.

Penalty Stroke;  A stroke added for a rules violation.

Putter;  The club specifically designed for putting, usually used on the green.

Slice;  A shot that curves right of it's target.

Stance;  The position of your feet before you hit the ball.

Tee;  The peg you rest your ball on before hitting from the teeing area.

Unplayable Lie;  A place from where you cannot hit the ball.

Wedge;  A club used for short shots and shots from sand or rough.

Wood;  Clubs with large heads that are used to hit the ball long distances.

Whiff;  What you do when you swing at the ball, and miss it completely.

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