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The distance of a sand shot is determined not by the backswing, but by the amount of follow-through.

Putting is 40% of your golf game.

Tom Weiskopf will design your dream golf course for about a million dollars.

The Concorde Platinum World Golf Tour, 17 days of golf, 5 star hotels and the Concorde (of course) will cost you $45,000 per person.

The Mizuno forged iron is the number one set of irons used on the PGA Tour, for the last 5 years.

Nick Faldo had no interest in golf, until he watched Jack Nicklaus play in the 1971 US Open.

At Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head South Carolina, there are 146 golf courses. 4 of which are world class.

A caddie in Thailand will set you back about $5, plus tip, a phenomenal value.

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Ty Cobb, the great baseball player (picture on right), was a good friend of Bobby Jones and Jones had said Cobb was a good golfer.

The greatest asset a golfer can have is good timing and rythm.

Jack Fleck played in 41 PGA Tournaments, winning only $7,500 total, when in 1955 he won the US Open. Beating the legendary Ben Hogan in a playoff.

David Leadbetter will give you private lessons in Florida for around $1,000 a hour, minimum.

Tiger Woods gets between $500,000 and $1,000,000 "appearance money" for each tournament he plays in.

The ElmCo golf cart (looks like a Rolls Royce) costs $10,008.

Gene Sarazen invented the sand wedge in the early 1930's.

80% of all tour players use Golf Pride grips, none are compensated in any way to do so.

Nevada Bob's (the golf retail outlet) has over 48 stores in Europe alone.

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New Company creates the Stability Hat. The European Stability Company has just received approval from the R&A to use their Stability Hat under tournament conditions. It has a patented metal band which creates inertia without making the hat too heavy, which helps you keep your head still during the golf swing, or so the company says. They are about $25 and available at European Stability, 2 The Elms, Uffcott, Swindon, SN4 9NA or call 01793-731188.

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First there was hickory, then steel, then carbon fibre golf shafts. Now the golfing world is poised to enter its fourth age with the gas-injected thermoplastic shaft. Check it out at

Tamworth Plastics (the parent company of Jordan Golf) is applying its expertise in gas injection moulding technology to manufacture revolutionary new graphite-shafted golf clubs. Tamworth's approach involves using a mould and injection of gas into the thermoplastic to produce a hollow shaft without the need for a mandrel. The shaft still has to be wrapped, but not to the same extent as would be required for a conventional graphite shaft. As one of the first moulding companies to use the gas injection process under license from Cinpres 10 years ago, Tamworth claims considerable experience with gas injection technology. This has enabled Tamworth to produce complex components and elongated shapes which, it says, could not be manufactured successfully before.

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