I don't consider myself a good golfer, perhaps average is the term I would use. I have probably shot a par round of golf, or better, a dozen or so times, and have NEVER had a hole in one! I have been playing about 20 years, 5 of which I really played, meaning I got out to the course every week or two during the summer months and actually practiced or played a round or two. Everyone knows that to really learn this game (and improve) you must practice and play often, at least 3 or more times a week, year round! I have not and would like to, but time is a big factor. I never seem to have, or be able to make the time. So this is my excuse for having anywhere from a 12 to a 20 handicap. But I have studied the game and the mental qualities it requires. I find golf to be an extremely interesting and enjoyable game to play. Even though I feel the clubs, green fees and cart fees, cost way too much!

I have chosen this page to expose my faults as a golfer, there are others too? So, below you will find a picture of my swing on the left, and the way it should look on the right. Notice the lack of foot work, they are still flat on the ground! This shot landed left edge of the fairway. No, I did not hit the green on my second shot to this par 4 dogleg left. My second shot went long right and and the scramble for par was on.

My Swing (13985 bytes) Correct Swing (14818 bytes)

I have decided to try and correct my flaws by devoting 1999, and future years, to playing a regular game of golf. I have joined Memphis National Country Club and play every week I can. Hopefully I can improve my game if only my patience will hold out. By the way, I have never taken or paid for a golf lesson in my life. That would probably help my swing a lot. I suggest all newcommers to the game spend the $100 to $300 for a few one hour lessons from a pro. Basic things like the grip and swing are better learned at the start, and the lessons will pay for themselves in the long run with a greater enjoyment, and appreciation for the Game of a Lifetime.

contents of my bag
Taylor Made Burner Bubble Driver Star.gif (877 bytes) 10.5 degrees
Orlimar TriMetal Fairway Wood Star.gif (877 bytes) 13 degrees
Wilson Ultra Fairway Wood Star.gif (877 bytes) 17 degrees
Mizuno T3 Irons Star.gif (877 bytes) Titanium insert, stiff, oversize
Taylor Made Lob Wedge Star.gif (877 bytes) 61 degrees with insert
Golf Pride Grips Star.gif (877 bytes) Tour Wrap, oversize
Ping Anser Putter Star.gif (877 bytes) #3 model, standard issue
Maxfli or Precept Star.gif (877 bytes) Balata for tournaments
Foot-Joy DryJoys Star.gif (877 bytes) Saddle type waterproof shoe

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