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Sri Lanka Landscaping Portal

Landscaping is a growing industry in Sri Lanka. As Colombo and its suburbs are becoming a concrete jungle, many people are begining to realize the importance of Trees, shrubs and grass and the need to create a pleasant environment for their families.

However, with urbanization and westernization, most Sri Lankans prefer imported plants or non-native plants over native plants in their gardens. The change of flora from native to foreign and invasive species is having a large negative impact on the environment, especially native wildlife and water supply. As an example, today, it is very rare to find a Hora tree in Colombo or its suburbs, but not long ago, the entire wet zone was covered with massive tall Hora trees. Although, most of today's mini perch recidencies cannot sustain a Hora tree, it is still possible to have a mini garden full of native vegetation.

Sri Lanka Landscaping Portal is the first site dedicated to offering landscaping information in Sri Lanka with a preference for native plants. It is our sincere hope that visitors will find this site very useful, and Sri Lanka will once again regain its lost native vegetation. 1