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What is this?
You've found a site dedicated to golf. It's been targeted towards golf webmasters looking for things to spruce up their page. However there are many things that may interest others as well. This is the best source for golf images and humor on the internet guaranteed.

Can I contribute?
Please do! Just email whatever it is you'd like posted and I'll use my discretion in adding it to these pages.

How did it develop?
I used to run a golf website and found it impossible to find good golf clipart. So this site was created to compile all of them together in an easy to use interface. I also found joke sites only had a couple of golf jokes on them, so I compiled them as well and continued to add different areas.

Can't find...?
Look in the golf links sites listed below. Otherwise let me know and I'll look around. My links page has many golf links, but it won't be updated very often. - very well organized.
World of Golf - tons of stuff.
Ameri Golf - thousands reviewed.
Cliq Golf
Golf Bytes


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Updated 17/03/99