Auntiem115 Gospel Garden


You are listening to
"What a Day That will be"


Welcome to my gospel garden.
Have a chair and relax.
Grab a cup of coffee or glass of tea.
Me? I'm having a glass of tea.
Just as flowers need
food to grow, so do we need
food for our souls to grow in spirit.
I hope these pages will help you
grow in the spirit.


Music for your listening pleasure
PAGE ONE old favorite hymns.

PAGE TWO old favorite hyms



Humor is something else we need
to add sunshine and spice to our lives
to help us grow.




Helpful hints are things
we can all use in our daily lives.
Hopefully you will find something
of value to you here.



Eating is something we all enjoy.
Here you will find some of my favorite
Receipes. They are tried and true




Please check back often to see
the many more pages I will be adding.