"In very truth I tell you, a servant is not greater than his master,
nor a messenger than the one who sent him." (John 13:16)

"We are the spirits of Aka --
for we stand as close to God that we feel
His teardrops upon our foreheads;
yet, we are not great.

We are here but for one purpose -
that purpose
within itself
is for the preparation
for the coming of the Messiah."

Spoken by spiritual messengers of God
in the early 1970's

Thy have asked [a] question in thy mind,
"How high or how low are the spirits of us?"

Then, I shall answer this way
for we who were sent from God
may speak with God.

There are many missions upon this earth
in different work from ours,
but I shall tell you this --

at this time,
this mission,
and the spirits gathered here,
are as close to God
as His eyes
and His heart.

Spiritual messengers of God,
April 20, 1970

I am of many.

Our Father has seen fit to let them
of many souls
gather and speak through I
for the mission
He says
thy shall know
when the time is right...

"Did I understand you correctly, Aka --
you are many spirits?"

Yes, this is true.

Spoken by spiritual messengers of God,
April 8, 1970

and it shall be opened to you."

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