Climbing a Stairway to God --
Listening to the Spiritual Messengers of God

What you read hear at this web site
is from all the heavenly hosts gathered those nights
to give the message of the coming of the Messiah --
spoken in their own words.
They call themselves "spiritual messengers of God,"
just as the angels were called in scriptural times.

They came unto us from 1970 to 1989 (and still come)
to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.

All were asked to be in prayer and in accord with God and His messengers' coming. Ray, after a full day of preparation, walked up a "stairway" into God's light. The light of God grew brighter and brighter until he reached the top, he says. And on the way, the messengers of God passed by him, coming through infinity, and the galaxies and all planes of being to stand above this world -- to hover above his house, and then to enter into his body, which he had left to go to the Father.

This image, and the time it takes to enter, reminds one of the time it takes waiting in prayer, while Ray walks up the stairway into God's light, going beyond the galaxies and all time to then stand with God. And as he goes up, through the galaxies, into the light of God, the spiritual messengers of God come down, through all there is, to enter into time, and speak to us.

(Don't want to take the time to see an image of the way to the Father, as shown by prophets through all time and planes -- remindnig us what it is to ascend, to stand with God? But you do want to hear the words from God's spiritual messengers, that the words may be written in your heart?) "Knock and it shall be opened unto you" (Click here.)

We felt their holy, loving presences and then we heard them say, "Aka is here."

"Open the Door
that we may enter,
and therefore,
there can be a place
prepared within you,
each of you,
for his (the Messiah's) coming."

The spiritual messengers of God spoke about 450 evenings through Ray's body from April 3, 1970, to August 29, 1989.

To see some of their messages, click on the photo of those gathered to listen for an evening, below:

Read transcripts of the words
of the spiritual messengers of God

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Selected passages from some of the readings
have been compiled into writings and a newsletter.
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