Why would I like to come to the church to God?
The Scenery the Promise and the Presence

Why might you want to come to the church to God on Sunday?
Would it be for a chance to get out in nature a little
and commune with God in the loving presence of His messengers --
in a little church nestled in a valley below the Dripping Springs mountains?
Would it be for the hope -- to build a future, the possibility of a better life -
to deepen your understanding and experience of God?
Is it for faith? The belief in the coming of the Messiah -
that he will come, and soon --
and to this valley, if the people prepare
and maintain this place for him --
this church to God, where God's messengers have said
the Messiah will one day come.
Will you to come too -- to keep this place and make it ready for him?

Would you come to the church to God for the hope,
the faith that you must nurture within yourself
by gathering together with others in preparation for his coming --
because you too need this special time to celebrate and to renew?
Would you come for the possibility?
For the fulfillment?
And the loving, holy, unfathomable spiritual presence
of God's messengers who will make their presence known this day?
I would. To be allowed the joy and honor and fulfillment of this day --
to feel and be part of the preparation for the coming of the Messiah --
is something to cherish.
For God keeps His promises,
so great and generous is our Father's love!

The spiritual messengers of God said on May 15, 1970,
"And if one of a hundred, or one of a thousand,
should come and hear,
at least it would give them food for thought --
for thy Father, thy Son, and thy Holy Ghost."

"Hark! Listen, for He Is Here!
The year, 1999, is but a short distance."

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