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The Griffiths Island Lighthouse was built in 1859 by Scottish stonemasons out of bluestone.  The unique stairway is cut with each step being inserted in the next course of stone in the outside wall.

Originally located on an area known as Rabbit Island, the island has since been encompassed by the neighbouring Griffiths Island. The last lighthouse keeper lived on the island from 1929 till 1954, with one more lightkeeper employed for a short time before the light was automated.

Location: 3824'S 14215'E
Nearest Town: Port Fairy
Operator: Port of Melbourne Authority
Built: 1859
Open to public: Grounds only
Access: Road & short walk
Accommodation: No
Character: Group flashing white and twice every 10 seconds
Power source: Wind power and battery bank
Structure: Bluestone tower painted white
Height: 11 metres
Elevation: 12.5 metres
Range: 20 kilometres

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Photographed by K. Eggleston, 23 April 2000 Kristie Eggleston



The Lighthouse is located on Griffiths Island, just off Port Fairy, which is accessed via a small footbridge. It is a 400 metre walk across to the southern tip of the island. The remains of the lighthouse keepers buildings and gardens are also visible.

The island and lighthouse reserve is accessible to the public, but the island has large areas protected as mutton bird rookery reserves - keep to the marked tracks.


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