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The Whalers Bluff Lighthouse was originally erected in 1859 with keeper's quarters on Battery Point at Portland, and was know as the Portland Bay Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was relocated, stone by stone, to its current position on North Bluff (now Whaler's Bluff) in 1889 to make way for gun emplacements on Battery Point, and to protect it during the Russian naval scare of the 1880's. 

The Whaler's Bluff Lighthouse now guides vessels past the treacherous Whaler's Reef into the Portland Harbour. The lantern is catadioptric, and was made in England.

Location: 3820' S  14136' E
Nearest Town: Portland
Operator: Port of Melbourne Authority
Built: 1889
Structure: Round bluestone tower painted white
Open to public: Grounds only
Access: Road
Accommodation: No
Character: Group flashing white and red every 30 seconds
Lens: English catadioptric lantern
Power source: Mains power
Height: 12 metres
Elevation: 41 metres
Range: 28 kilometres

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Photographed by K. Eggleston, 24 April 2000 Kristie Eggleston



The Whalers Bluff lighthouse reserve is only 5 minutes north from the centre of Portland, and is accessible to the public. 

The reserve is located at the end of Lighthouse Street, in a residential area.


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