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Updated April 2007
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Message from Jayne:

Avon has introduced me to many new friends and experiences, helped me to travel to places I may have never seen otherwise.  I look forward to all the new friendships and many exciting trips in the future and would love nothing more than to see you there with me.  If you would like to join us, or grow your existing business, I am always available to help you achive your goals.  See you at the top!
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Avon Beauty Center
Avon Beauties Meeting Place
Last Monday of every month.
President's Recognition Goodbye Dinner
Angie Rossi visits the funniest table for a few laughs.
The Avon Beauties prepare for 4th quarter sales by attending the Atlantic City Home for the Holidays.
Liesel Eby, Stephanie Bowen, Jayne, Amber Sadler, Bill, Sarah Johns
Avon Beauty Center
2142 S Pleasant Valley Road     Winchester, VA
2004 Home For The Holidays
Atlantic City, NJ   August 2004
2004 President's Recognition Celebration
San Francisco, CA     June 2004
Avon Camaraderie...
Product Expo
2005 President's Recognition Celebration
Kona, Hawaii     June 2005
Sales Aides
Hot Ponts
Jose Flores, Jayne
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2006 Cruise to The Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas     October 2006
2006 President's Recognition Celebration
Cancun, Mexico     June 2006
Jayne, Deena Caughlin, Traci Kent, & Guest
2006 President's Club Luncheon
Martinsburg, WV     May 2006
Jayne, Crystal Reames, Barry and Maria Typlin, Traci Kent
Avon Beauties - President's Club Members
Debbie Sisler, Lynn Norrod, Chris Sytsma, Jayne, Dana Miller, Debbie Rusk