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Azov Weyr is an amateur, non-profit fan organization, intended solely for the enjoyment of its members. It is not intended to infringe in any way upon the rights held by Anne McCaffrey or her publishers. The fan club operates under rules designed by Ms. McCaffrey and is subject to her observation and/or direct intervention. The World of Pern is copyrighted to Anne McCaffrey © 1967 The Dragon riders of Pern® is a registered trademark


Azov Weyr is credited to Laurie Manion, Jamie Rogers, Desiree Needham, Andi Parks, and Vivienne Pustell.
Azov guide written by Vivienne Pustell, March 2000.
Updated by Kacey Coacher and Melissa White, June 2000
Reworked and updated by Melissa White, August 2000
Most recent update: October 2001

Welcome to Azov Weyr! We are an Alternate 11th Pass club, with a small twist. ;-) We're in an independent timeline (for now) and welcome your activity in the club!


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Background history of Azov and the Alternate 11th Pass
Description of Azov Weyr
Dragonrider Information
The Holds in Azov's Territory
The Craft Halls in the Alternate 11th Pass
The Board of Directors and Important People at Azov Weyr
The Azov Fanzine, _Shards!_: Submission Guidelines & Requirements
Azov Weyr Rules
Azov Weyr Persona Sheet with Examples
Blank Azov Weyr Persona Sheet



[1] Background history of Azov and the Alternate 11th Pass

To keep ourselves legal and separate from Anne McCaffrey's timeline, we have a small change in our setting. AIVAS was indeed found, but sadly, did not work. Unfortunately, the course of the Red Star was not altered, and Thread still falls on Pern.

Before the thirteenth pass began, it was becoming obvious that a new Weyr would be needed, and soon. Many dragonriders were complaining about no room in the Weyrs, with full grown dragons still in the Weyrling Weyrs that weren't fit for full grown dragons. Seven turns before the Pass was to begin, a site was chosen in the Western Sea. They had located an old volcano, a little bigger than Fort Weyr, which they decided would be perfect. It was inspected and found to be full of caves that would make very good weyrs and the rooms needed for the Kitchens, Staff, storage and anything else they might need. It also had two potential Hatching grounds, which would come in handy, should the need arise.

Brevena was a strong healthy Weyr, but it was a very fertile place-golds abounded. One of the junior Weyrwomen there, Shareen, rider of gold Tecuyeth, was angered by this, and felt a touch slighted at not having anything to do, and being just another goldrider. A conclave of Weyrleaders agreed that with the exceptionally fertile golds of the 13th Pass, another Weyr was needed. Shareen and Alyastasia of Brevena Weyr were chosen to be the two goldrider pairs at the new Weyr, with Shareen acting as Weyrwoman until the first gold rose. Synurra, an aged Weyrwoman Second of Telgar Weyr was brought in to help with the running of the Weyr. (She was near retiring, but the Weyrwoman was older still, so the leadership of the other Weyrs agreed that the next Weyrwoman couldn't be Synurra-it had to be someone young enough to remain Weyrwoman for a long time yet. So they gave her to Azov.) Azov was founded on the Southern continent, on an island volcano in the center of the Sea of Azov.

Synurra's gold Djenemath rose once, and was caught by bronze Dwenshath. It was a very small clutch they produced, but it had quality-a shining gold egg. This gold egg hatched, and Alshalanth raced to Liyrhy. The clutch was healthy and flourished through weyrling training. Aylastasia, however, did not do so well. Not long into Liyrhy's training, Aylastasia went swimming and drowned. Her gold went instantly between. Shareen was crushed by this, and returned to the Weyr of her Impression, along with the ex-Weyrleader Second. Synurra was left as the only graduated goldrider in the Weyr, and Djenemath had not yet risen again. Avia and her gold Sayarath transfered in to be the new Weyrwoman, as Liyrhy's Alshalanth was a turn away from maturing.

Not long after Weyrwoman Avia had settled into Azov, several records supporting an old tale of a plague from the 11th Interval resurfaced in Brevena Weyr. The Weyrs convened to discuss what course of action should be taken. The records, as well as a learning ballad that was discovered hidden in the Southern Harper Hall, seemed to suggest that the 11th Interval, desperately short on dragons, was helped by two Weyrs from the future. After much deliberation, it was decided that Brevena and Azov would transfer back to the 11th Interval, right before the 11th Pass began. The entire compliment of Azov Weyr, as well as several groups of holders, went back to the 11th Interval to help repopulate and protect the planet from Thread.

Unfortunately, life between times took it's toll on Weyrwoman Avia. After barely a Turn in the 11th Pass, she went back to the 13th Pass and her Weyr of origin.

There was only one goldrider left at the Weyr with a fertile gold. Liyrhy was very much aware of what position she had claimed for herself, and she refused to let anyone else have it. Fortunately, Liyrhy had just finished weyrling training, so she fully qualified as Weyrwoman. The Weyrleader was still R'sar and Dwenshath, as no senior gold had risen yet to settle a new one. Liyrhy worked well with R'sar, but she could not wait for when Alshalanth would pick a new Weyrleader.

Tragedy struck just as things were going well for the fledgling Weyr. While on tour with her newly arrived Weyrwoman Second, Liyrhy's riding strap mysteriously snapped, and the vivacious young Weyrwoman fell to her death, followed closely by her beloved Alshalanth. Weyrwoman Second Morgana, in shock from the sudden loss of Liyrhy, has had to work hard to keep Azov from falling into a demoralized state. Now Weyrwoman, Morgana transfered in a goldrider from overcrowded Fort named Michi to fill the position of Weyrwoman's 2nd. In her first flight as senior gold, Gwenneth was flown by bronze Larath, riden by L'varen, making him Weyrleader. This clutch yielded a gold egg, a good omen that the Weyr desperately needed. When the clutch hatched, gold Druath chose a young woman from Telgar Weyr named Ashyddir as the new junior weyrwoman of Azov.

Shortly after the hatching of Gwenneth's clutch, the Azovian curse struck again: this time with Weyrwoman Morgana. Morgana was murdered, by the same ones who murdered Weyrwoman Liyrhy and Junior Weyrwoman Meghan. The entire Weyr fell into a mourning period, and the only mature goldrider, Michi, stepped up to fill her friend's shoes.

The plague that brought Azov and Brevena back to the 11th Interval ended in the 112th Turn of the 11th Interval. The date now is the first month of the first turn of the 11th Pass.

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[2] Description of Azov Weyr

Azov Weyr is located on the largest island in the center of the sea of Azov, which they call, naturally, Azov Island. Almost the entire island is comprised of the huge, dormant volcano that makes up Azov Weyr, but docks were made all around the outside, allowing boats to come with Holders, crafters and supplies if dragonback isn't an option.

Azov is a spawling complex of tunnels situtated in the dormant volcano. The Weyr is more or less situated in the lower part of the volcano: an upper crater is filled with water and used as a weyrlake, with the surrounding area serving as a hunting ground complete with wherries and herdbeasts. For injured and young dragons, the sea is a hop, step, and jump away from the lower caverns.

The Weyr has one hatching ground, with the candidate barracks arranged on the left side in a semi-circle, opening directly onto the grounds. On the right side of the grounds are the seating tiers. There is a seperate area on the left, lowest tier that can accomodate a goldrider while her queen is on the hatching sands.

Arranged around the outside of the hatching grounds are the weyrling barracks. Azov has facilities to house up to 6 weyrling classes at a time, with seperate sections for the males and females in each class. The Weyrlingmasters and Weyrlingmaster 2nds have specialized weyrs, situtated closely to the barracks. Above the weyrling barracks are several 'weyrling weyrs', which are used for weyrlings that have graduated from the barracks but have not yet earned full weyrs.

With room to house up to 8 golds, Azov's Weyrwoman quarters are quite spacious. The queen's weyr opens up into the weyrbowl, giving the senior gold a wonderful view of her Weyr. The rider's section is partioned off by a hanging curtain, which can be slide back to let in the cool breeze from the bowl. The Weyrwoman's quarters, as well as the other goldrider's quarters, have seperate bathing areas and conference rooms, though the junior golds' conference rooms are smaller. A cooridor connects the senior Weyrwoman's weyr to the Weyrleader's, which has many of the same convinences that the senior queen's weyr has.

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[3] Dragonrider Information

There are three ways to become a dragonrider at Azov Weyr. Please bear in mind that some of these ways may be limited by the amount of dragons available at the time, but the BoD will do everything in their power to make sure you're happy. =)


This is a rather fun way to get a dragon, if you ask me. In this instance, you write a persona that is a candidate, and Azov's dragons will go Search your persona (which, by the way, makes for great story fodder) and bring you to Azov. There, you will wait for the hatching and wait to see whether or not you Impress. This is, you must realize, the only way to get a gold dragon, so it is recommended if you want a gold. It's also a good way to suck up to the BoD. ;D


This is not quite as good as Impressing, but you still get a genuine, official dragon! You have six Weyrs to transfer from, listed below. This option is for dragons that were Impressed and came to Azov before the jump between to the 11th Pass.

Fort Telgar Ista
High Reaches Southern Igen


If you'd like your persona to have transfered in after Azov made the jump back between times, feel free to transfer in a persona from any of the following Weyrs: note that Brevena dragons will not be transfering to Azov, as we're trying to get the bloodlines flowing and varied. :-)

Fort Telgar Ista
High Reaches Southern Igen

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[4] The Holds in Azov's Territory

See the map of Pern on page 21 of The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern Second Edition © for exact locations of the Holds. Each Hold has two extra minor holds, and 4 extra cotholds, which are available for creation. Contact the BOD for information on how to create your own hold.

Azov Hold

Azov Hold, is located due East of Azov Weyr, at the mouth of the East River, so creatively named as it flows from the east into the Sea of Azov. The East River enriches the soil of Azov Hold, making it ideal for the farm craft and beast craft holds found here.

Wine Spring Hold

One of the smaller holds under Azov Hold, Wine Spring is the home for Master Vinter Veris and his journeymen and apprentices. The Wine Spring is provided with the same rich soil of the main hold, and produces the fine vintages that have already made it a legend. Wine Spring is located almost due north from Azov Hold, on the Araby River.

Star Rise Hold

Located west of Azov Hold on the eastern banks of the Sea of Azov, Star Rise Hold is home to a group of starcrafters. With a perfect view of heavenly bodies, Star Rise is so named for the shimmering reflections the stars and moons cause on the nearby sea.

Cathay Hold

Cathay is located in, what was upon Landing, the area called Cathay. It is located between the mouths of two rivers that run into the Sea of Azov. The river to the north is called Macedonia River, as it flows from Macedonia. The other river, to the south, is called Cathay River, for obvious reasons. The Harper and Scriber crafts are located here, though they are small installments of the Halls. The main northern Harper Crafthall is still the only place for Harpers and Scribes to sit for their masters.

Trillian Hold

Trillian is a small hold to the north of Cathay, founded by a group of holders soon after Azov came to the 11th Pass. The current holder is a Master Tanner, and has situated a small crafthold in Trillian. Trillian can be found to the north of the Macedonia River, a few klicks up from the Sea of Azov. The holder's spouse, a Master Chef, has opened her own small hall for the cookcraft.

Araby Hold

Araby, is located in the area known as Araby. The Hold itself is positioned in the small prominence that juts into the Sea of Azov at the mouth of Nerat River. This river was so named by the settlers because it goes almost perfectly straight its entire length, and if you keep going straight upon getting to the mouth, you will bump right into the docks of Nerat. As it is between the Sea of Azov and the Nerat River, it is the perfect location for the local fisher and dolphineer halls. A weavercraft hall is located here.

Lithuan Craft Hold

The woodcraft, glasscraft, minecraft, and armscraft halls have set up their own 'hold', east of Araby Hold, situated on the Kahrain River. They are due west of Wine Spring Hold. The woodcraft hall benefits from the fine stands of trees nearby; the glasscrafters have an ample supply of potash, red sand, and polish in the nearby sand pits; the minecraft gathers the ores that they require from the nearby Catherine Caverns, recently rediscovered for their valuable metals and rocks; and the armscrafters are positioned in the hold to take advantage of the vicinity of the crafts that provide them with their supplies.

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[5] The Craft Halls in the Alternate 11th Pass

These are the crafts currently available for Azov Weyr members:

Armscraft Beastcraft Cookcraft
Farmcraft Fishercraft/Seacraft Glass-Smithcraft
Harper Healercraft Minecraft
Scribers Smithcraft Starsmith
Tannercraft Winecraft Weavercraft
Woodsmith Dolphineer  

Please keep in mind that there won't be any 15 Turn old masters: Menolly and Robinton were exceptions to the rules. Think of it this way:

Apprentices: Grade school and middle school students. They usually range from ages 10 to 16.

Journeymen: High school and college students. A crafter usually attains journeyman status at around age 17. Not all crafters attain rank higher than journeyman.

Masters: Teachers and professors. Masters are professionals in their crafts, and rarely reach this rank before their late 20s. Many crafters never reach master rank.

Azov Weyr has in its territory crafthalls for the following:

  • Harper: Located at Cathay Hold
  • Scribes: Located at Cathay Hold
  • Fisher/Sea craft: Located at Araby Hold
  • Dolphineer: Located at Araby Hold
  • Beastcraft: Located at Azov Hold
  • Farmercraft: Located at Azov Hold
  • Vintner: Located at WingSpring Hold, under Azov Hold
  • Tannercraft: Located at Trillian Hold, under Cathay Hold
  • Weavercraft: Located at Araby Hold
  • Star-smithcraft: Located at StarRise Hold, under Azov Hold
  • Cookcraft: Located at Trillian Hold, under Cathay Hold
  • Woodcraft: Lithuan Craft Hold, under Araby Hold
  • Glass-smithcraft: Located at Lithuan Craft Hold, under Araby Hold
  • Smithcraft: Located at Lithuan Craft Hold, under Araby Hold
  • Arms-smithcraft: Located at Lithuan Craft Hold, under Araby Hold

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[6] The Board of Directors and Important People at Azov Weyr

Azov is run by a group of members known as the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for the running of the club in the mundane, organization of the roleplaying, and coroperates to make the decisions of the club. They run the club together, no one making decisions with the approval of the others. :-) Feel free to contact any or all of the members of the BOD with questions about the club and Fandom in general. Of course, we accept constructive criticism about how we run the Weyr!

Also, for the convience of your persona ;-), here is a listing of the important people in the Weyr Pern-wise. From here, you can contact the person who is in charge of your rider's wing, your holder's hold, or your crafter's craft. :-)

    To be updated.

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[7] The Azov Fanzine, _Shards!_: Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The Azov 'zine, Shards!, is roughly put out every four months, and is edited by whoever we can con into it ;) The following are the submission guidelines for the 'zine. Please follow them and keep your local 'zine editor semi-sane. ;-)


  1. As a .txt file, PLEASE. If all else fails, the editor will accept .rtf files. But these two are the only files that the editor will accept. Anything else will not be edited.
  2. Single spaced
  3. 12 point size font
  4. Human to Dragon: use [[text]]
  5. Dragon to Human: use {{text}}
  6. Fire-lizard speech: In short-they don't talk. They may project images, or feelings, but they do not speak.
  7. Please send stories attached to the e-mail, not in the body.

This will save a lot of time and effort, which means the editor will actually be able to live my life and get the zine out. The editor cannot read .doc files, so please do not send them! As stated above, .txt files are preferable, but .rtf will work too. The 'zine will be sent out to the mailing list as a zipped HTML file with graphics. If you can not unzip or have a problem with the HTML format, contact for alternate formats available.

As of August, 2000, the tentative dates for the 'zine release are as follows:

  • August - Issue 1
  • December - Issue 2

A major persona is someone of rank or status in Azov Weyr. Examples are goldriders, bronzeriders, wingleaders and wingseconds, and special positions such as WeyrHealer, WeyrSinger, or Headwoman. These are given according to that persona's fitness for the job, and the owner's contributions to the Weyr.

Here at Azov, we have a policy concerning major personas. It's very simple - you need to earn them. How do you earn them? You write, you promote, do things that are asked of you, most importantly, you ask about things you can do, and then do them.

Keep in mind, there are requirements for keeping a ranking persona. Remember that you have to fulfill all of them, for every ranking persona you may have. Or, maybe, you've had that ranking persona for a while now but you won't be able to continue your work with us here at Azov for some reason. Mundane disasters, moving, dead computers, parental rule changes, whatever. Don't worry, it's happened to everybody. In that case, you have three options...


  1. Kill off the character. Have them die or be killed in some way (goldriders WILL be killed or transferred out.)

  2. Give up the character for adoption. Maybe another member wants your persona. We'll be giving away non-status positions over E-mail. Bronzeriders will be announced, and members may make a request to adopt them, but there will have to be agreement that they're okay to have a bronze. Chances are good (as long as the person asking is active) that they'll be given the bronze.

  3. Have the character move or get demoted. You must ask permission first for gold or bronze riders. If you are at a loss as to how to get rid of your ranking persona, please go right ahead and contact one of the members of the Weyrleadership-we are a creative group, always full of ideas on how you could kill off personas.



Weyrwoman: (Filled)
Two stories/year
One other submission/year
Report on Wing in 3rd Issue
Mundane work

Weyrwoman Second: (Empty until further notice)
Two stories/year
One other submission/year
Report on Duties in 3rd Issue
Mundane work

Weyrleader: (Filled)
Two stories/year
Report on Wing in 3rd Issue
Mundane work

Weyrleader Second: (Filled)
Two stories/year
Help Weyrleader with report
Mundane work

Goldrider: (vacancies will be announced)
Two stories/year
Report on Duties in 3rd Issue
Anything required of them (mwahah)

Wingleader: (ask for vacancies)
One story/year
One other submission/year
One wing report/year in 3rd Issue

Wingsecond: (ask for vacancies)
One story/year
One other submission/year
Help wingleader with report

Weyrlingmaster: (ask for vacancies)
One story/year
One other submission/year
One weyrling report/year in 3rd Issue
At least bi-weekly weyrling updates

Weyrlingmaster Underling: (ask for vacancies)
One story/year
One other submission/year
Help Weyrlingmaster with report & updates

Weyrcrafter: (all but Healer open)
One story/year
One craft report/year in 3rd Issue

Queen Candidate: (always open)
At least one story before the gold hatching you wish to Impress at
Anything else will be announced before hatching

Bronzeriders: (we have tons)
One story/year

Lord/Lady Holder: (All Open)
One story/year
One other submission/year
One hold report/year in 3rd Issue

Minor Holder: (open)
One hold report/year (simply so that the Lord/Lady will know what to report on. Can be very short) in 3rd Issue

THE MasterCrafter:
Two stories/year
One craft report/year in 3rd Issue

Two stories/year

HAD [hears all dragons]: (one filled)
Two stories/year
One other submission/year
Mundane work

Note: This is not all you can do. If you want to, you can write more. We like that a LOT. =) For reports, they don't need to be any more than a paragraph, simply touching on births, deaths, major events. If you're a crafter, perhaps touch on the progress of the other persona crafters in your craft. It's not big deal.

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[8] Azov Weyr Rules

These rules are given out by Anne herself. Break these and you'll suffer the wrath of the BoD and quite possibly Anne and her lawyers. Anne protects her property VERY well.

  1. We cannot use her established characters. Since we are so far in the future, you can't say they are relatives, like Great-grandfather F'lar or Great-great Aunt Menolly. They are now historical figures and can only be mentioned in passing, as an off-stage character.
  2. Anne has said no writing of stories in Ruatha Hold and Benden Weyr. If your character is from the 13th Pass, you may have them be from one of these locations, but you may not write any stories taking place there. If your persona is from the 11th Pass, these locations were abandoned over 90 Turns ago during the plague, so they can't be from there anyway. ;-)
  3. No odd-colored dragons. We can only use the colors she created. No white dragons, either. Ruth was, and is, unique.
  4. No cross-over characters: no one from the Universes of Star Trek®, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Xanth, etc. Since this planet is very isolated, no one from any of her other stories can just stumble across Pern, unless she writes about it first.
  5. No religion on Pern. End of Story.
  6. Dragon/human pairings are as follows:

  • Queen - Heterosexual female only
  • Bronze - Heterosexual male only
  • Brown - Heterosexual/Homosexual male or female
  • Blue - Heterosexual/homosexual/bi male or females
  • Green - heterosexual/homosexual/bi male or females

These rules are from us, the BoD of Azov. These rules will be reinforced, but the consequences of breaking them won't be as harsh as breaking those of Anne's. But keep in mind, we won't be easy on you twice. Also, if you have a good plot, explain it to us, and we may be willing to bend the rules, but not for just any old "I KNOW this plot will get me a gold!' kind of deal. Trust us, we can sniff those out from a mile away. It's a little talent of ours. ;D


  1. We are a strictly OFFLINE weyr. This means ABSOLUTELY NO ONLINE ROLEPLAYING. No bulletin board posting, no putting your stories online, no chat room or instant message roleplaying. Period. Doing so could cause us to lose our approval.
  2. HAD (Hearing All Dragons). This is a rare talent and not everyone can have it. We will consider your persona having this ability, but you must make a good story for having it. But be prepared to work for it.
  3. No jumping between times. Unless you have a good reason for doing so (such as saving a life), expect to be reprimanded for it.
  4. You can't write about another persona without their permission first. Like say you write in a story that my persona is pregnant, I would really like to know about it first.
  5. No writing about dragons fighting each other. Period. Dragonriders do fight, but they will be VERY severely reprimanded by their Weyrleaders.
  6. No flaming or spamming each other in email. No one likes it so why do it?
  7. Because of the requirements of school and family and due to the mature content of some stories, the Weyrleadership has had to institute a minimum age to join the Weyr. Our members are required to be 13 years of age or older. You must state your birthdate in full on your persona sheet. Your persona will not be approved without it and you may not join our club until your persona is approved. There are no exceptions to this rule, and we apologize for any hard feelings this might create.
  8. Firelizards: I am allowing anyone now who wishes to, to have more than 3 fire-lizards. But keep in mind this: Gold flits get very jealous and want attention all to themselves. If you have permission for a gold, you may have only one other flit (no bronzes). The gold and bronze flits are usually awarded-rewarded to someone and not just given out.
  9. You must let us know when you quit and what you would like us to do with your personae. We've had several members quit on us without a word. If you wish to quit at any time, please write the BoD and let us know. PLEASE do not quit without telling us!! We have had personae just dangling because of this. (note: if you quit without telling the BoD, we have the right to do whatever we want with your personas, and if you come back later, well, that's your problem. We will ignore flames on this matter, because if we don't know what you want done, how can we do it?)
  10. Whers: Whers are allowed. However, they will not be in the Weyr, nor any other Weyr. Wher breeding is very controlled, and goes out of the Master Beastcraft Hall in Keeron. A persona from Keeron may have had experience with whers. If someone wishes to start a wher breeding in Azov Hold, do contact us! :-) Whers are more like firelizards than dragons. They do not speak, but project emotions to the person they attach themselves to. They do not Impress, per say, but attach themselves to one particular person. The bond is not life long however. Whers won't suicide if their Impressed dies. For more information, contact the leadership.

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[9] Azov Weyr Persona Sheet with Examples

  1. Please no super-personas.
  2. If you are a walking-cliché... You will be eaten. Try to be unique!
  3. If you want a twin please keep in mind that it's been done before and you will need a really good plot as an excuse to have twins.
  4. Keep your career choice and personality consistent. Antisocial people do not usually become Harpers, dragons do not Impress psychopaths, nor those with no self-esteem or love.
  5. IMPORTANT: Please use ONLY Azov's persona sheet. Each Weyr's sheet is different, and it keeps the BOD's head from exploding to have consistency. ;-)

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[10] Blank Azov Weyr Persona Sheet

Mundane Info:

Email Address:
Home Address:
What files are you able to view?:
What kind of Operating System do you have?
First Pern book read:
Other clubs?:

Character Info

Place of Birth:
Current Location:
Significant Others:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:
Identifying Marks:
Physical Description:

Dragon Information

Where and When Impressed:
Physical Description:

Hold Information:

Hold Name:
Hold Size:
Behold To:
Persona's Relation to Hold:

Crafter Information:

Craft name:
Years spent in craft:
Persona's rank in Craft:
Master's studied under:

When you've finished your persona sheet, please send it to the Board of Directors. They'll give suggestions and helpful comments on how to improve the sheet and make it work with the timeline. :-)


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