1)  Q: Where can I get a replacement windshield for an Aztec 7?
     A: The windshield that fits in the car is a Lamborgini Muira.  The cheapest price I have found so far is a company called Locan (1800-345-9595) that can get the Muira windshield for $1,412 (clear) and $1,553 (tinted).  These prices were quoted in Nov. 2000 and may change.  Don't bother trying to call Guardian, the company that made the original windshields for Fiberfab.  They no longer have the tooling (the pattern) for it and cannot make any more.
     Another source might be:
        GT Car Parts
        419 W. Lone Cactus Dr.
        Phoenix, AZ 85027-2956
     Another A7 owner called me to let me know about this place and said they have several in stock for about $1000.00.  Of course, ask for a Lamborghini Muira windshield.
     Please continue to ask around, like at your local Speciality car dealer.  If you find any other sources, please let
me know.

2)  Q: What type of gas hatchback lifts can I use to support the gull-wing doors?
     A: I am currently using Checker/Krager part number 072-648 lifts from "Steady Lift".  These are both strong enough and long enough so the doors open the correct distance.  If you feel these are too long, you could also try part #4453 from StrongArm (which is sold at Advanced Auto Parts stores).  These are only 12.92" long, so may be too short, but they should be strong enough to hold open the doors.

3)  Q: What are the part numbers for the hinges on the side windows (the pop-out windows on the doors)?
       A: There is a chrysler symbol on these hinges (two per window).  There are two numbers on these: 2503855 and 49021.

4)   Q: What about the external chrome hinges for the doors (type-B only)?
      A: These can be purchased from various marine supply stores in your area.  You can also go to this website:

They don't sell retail, but they should be able to tell you where you can purchase their products.

-- The speedometer cable on my car is not from a standard VW Bug.  Because of the placement of the access hole, the cable needs to be nearly 8' long, and when I replaced mine, they told me it comes from a '68-'73 VW bus.
-- I have heard that the rear louvers on some Aztec 7's are very weak but I have not encountered this problem as of yet.  This problem may have occured with some runs of the bodies when the company did not allow the fiberglas to "cure" long enough before removing the pieces from the molds.  If you are one of the lucky folks that have come accross an un-cut kit, you may want to reinforce the back louver section with more fiberglas before cutting out the louver sections.  It would be much easier to do this at this point than later.
-- I have also heard that some of you are having problems with the light posd "bouncing" when driving at night, sometimes to the point where they are unusable.  I don't have this problem, but I can also see that the person who originally built my car tried the suggested location for mounting to the light boxes, but they then re-positioned them to a higher location.  If you would like pictures of this new location, please let me know. 

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