Aztec 7 Assembly Manual
This manual was loaned to me by Ralph Capen and I really appreciate him allowing me to keep it for this long.  I hope this will prove useful to some of you owners out there.  I believe this is for a type-B Aztec 7 but much of the instructions will apply to both types.  I have tried to scan the mages at the minium size and quality to still be readable, but if you need anything re-scanned, let me know.
Cover page
Table of contents (page 1)
Table of contents (page 2)
Picture of body panels
Page 1 (construction materials & tools required, selecting a VW for your Aztec 7)
Page 2 (Description of VW vehicle years & models, Removing the VW body)
Page 3 (Disassmbling the VW)
Page 4 (Removing the body, cont)
Page 5 (Picture of the stripped VW chassis and seat rail removal)
Page 6 (Sofeting the front suspension)
Page 7 (Fig 5a, Diagram of the front suspension)
Page 8 (Decambering the rear suspension)
Page 9 (Fig 5b, Diagram for decambering the rear suspension)
Page 10 (Installing the tail section supports)
Page 11 (fig 6, Tail section supports)
Page 12 (Installing heater vent tubing)
Page 13 (Mounting the voltage regulator)
Page 14 (Installing guage sending units)
Page 15 (Fig 10 Oil temp sending unit, Fig 11 Air cleaner)
Page 16 (Installation of speedometer cable)
         Main Body Preparation
Page 17 (Cutting the windshield opening)
Page 18 (Cutting rear window opening)
Page 19 (Cutting the door openings)
Page 20 (Drill holes for wiring harness)
Page 21 (Fig 24, Wiring harness hole location)