Parts and Acessories
Here are a few items I've located that I believe Aztec 7 owners may be looking for.  Please let me know if there is anything else you need for your project, and I'll do my best to find a source.  If you have something to sell, I may be interested in purchasing it and adding it to this list.  Prices are in U.S. Dollars.  All shipping costs shows are for U.S. locations only.  Other locations may cost extra.
Keep watching this page as more parts will be added as items become available
Ordering information at bottom of page
Image Part Name Description Price
Acrylic Side Windows These windows are brand-new and will fit the     window openings on the doors exactly. They are cut from 1/4" clear acrylic and then custom formed to match the curvature of the door.  Hardware not included. $250.00/each or $400.00/set (both left &  right windows)
This plate is an exactness of the one that     should have been included in every kitcar Fiberfab shipped, Just they never got included in the kits due to an administration error.  These plates are suitable for all Fiberfab cars.

     No Fiberfab kitcar is complete without a Data Plate, it makes them easier to get licensed and insured, and there is no question of what kind of car this is anymore. They are very beautiful and durable. Plates are made of Metal, Serialized, and Die Embossed. Once they are produced for each individual car, they are un-alterable and Permanently affixable to your Aztec 7 (or other Fiberfab car) for Identification Purposes.
These plates are $35.00 each or a Set of two Plates  for $40.00
Fiberfab Data Plate
External strap hinges for doors.  TYPE-B     MODELS ONLY These hinges are brand-new and are the same type that were supplied with the Aztec 7 kit from Fiberfab.  Two to a package. $18.00 each package
These covers will fit  your Aztec 7 very well. Although not fully waterproof, they will keep most moisture out of the car if stored outside. Even if stored inside, these will keep the car dust-free, and reduce the chances of scratches. $85.00
Car Cover
Side Window Hardware Each set of side window hardware has the two upper hinges and one lower pop-out hinge for one side window.   You would need two sets for a complete cars.  These are used parts and may require some polishing. $20.00/set
No builder should be without one. Two manuals were created by Fiberfab.  This is the larger version with 165 pages including several wiring digrams. Note that some of the information in this     manual applies only to the Type-B model Aztec 7's such as the door installation info., but  the rest of the manual can apply to both models. $35.00.   This covers copying costs and     shipping.
Aztec 7 Manual
To order any part, print the form below and send with check or Money Order to:
Chris Guenther
6230 Quay St.
Arvada CO, 80003
Your information:

Phone Number:________________________________
email address (if available): ________________________
Parts ordered:
Window(s):____ (Specify: Drivers side____, Passengers side_____, Both_____).
Hinges:______(Specify how many pagkages.2 hinges in each package).
Window hardware, Specify # of sets: _________ (you will need one set for each side window)
Car Cover:________.
Data Plate(s):_____(Specify 1 or 2 plates ordered).

When ordering Data Plates, please specify:

Year: ______________(year car completed).
Make: Aztec 7.
Model: ______________(Type A or B)
Serial Number: ______________.
(The serial number is located on a flat flange located in the engine compartment below the rear window.)