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N E W ---P A G E S

The Wind of Azuchi

Real Samurai Losers

New Assorted Pictures of Kaneshiro Takeshi

The Real, Surreal, and Unreal Death(s) of Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga's Wars

Oda Nobunaga's Letters & Memos

Pictorial Bio of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi & Tokugawa Ieyasu

Real-Life Samurai Legends Part 3: Minamoto Concubine

The Best Pictures and Other Movies of Ito Hideaki

Pictures of Sorimachi Takashi's Musical Gigs & His Other Movies

Oda Nobunaga's Real Sword, Real Gun & Real Weird Stuff

The Real-Life Battle of Nagashino

Real-Life Bloodlusty Monks of 16th century

Real-Life Oda Nobunaga's Favorite Dance Part 3: in Anime Movie

Real-Life Oda Nobunaga's Favorite Dance Part 4: in Comic Book

How Kaneshiro Takeshi & Jean Reno Kill Oda Nobunaga Everyday

Portraits of the Real-Life Mori Ranmaru

The Lust of the 16th Century Warrior-Monks

Oda Nobunaga's Artefax Part 3

Story & Pictures of Real-Life Minamoto Clan Part 2

The Real-Life Taira Clan: Slain Heroes of

The Beauty of Taira Atsumori

The Last Battle of the Taira Clan: Naval Battle of Dan no Ura

Real Life in the 'Onmyoji' Heian Era

The Bible of All Samurai Movies For 200 Years

Collexion of Humor Pictures Page 5 - 8

Nakai Kiichi's Warriors of Heaven & Earth

Profiles of Christian Samurai & Warlords of 16th-17th Century

Real People in 21st century Telling about the Shinsengumi

The Meanings of Japanese Names



J A P A N,---I N C.

All & Everything About Oda Nobunaga (no kidding!)

Warlords For Dummies

Real-Life Samurai Legends

The Tokugawa Shoguns' 254 Years-old Regime

The Wolves of Mibu: Hunters of the Shinsengumi

Golden Age of Japanese History: Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Anomaly

The Meiji Confusion: Assassins, Emperor, Shogun, Warlords & Nobodies

The Minamoto Clan of Kamakura & the Taira Shoguns and such

When a Dazzlingly Beautiful 16 Years-old Ninja Girl Got Loose

Twilight of the Takeda Clan of Kai

Movie & Real Nagashino Battle, Takeda versus Oda + Tokugawa

Movie About the Minamoto Clan of Kyoto



O F---I N D O N E S I A

Everything About Indonesia, from Food to Bad Habits

30 Seconds Photographic Tour

Complete History of Indonesia

Anatomy of the Indonesian Fandom

Indonesian Fine Arts, Artists & Art Galleries



A R T S---U N L I M I T E D

The Very Best of Children's Books' Illustrations

The Best Asian Movies : Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, etc.

The Yummiest Japanese Actors

Absolute History of Japanese Anime & Comix, 700 - 2005

Collexion of Poetic Ripoffs

The Unbeatable Shaman of Heian : Abe Seimei & His Sidekick

Diggin' Depp : Movie Scenes of Johnny Depp

Jesus From Alaska, With Moose

Real-Life 21st Century Samurai : Sanada Hiroyuki

Odagiri Joe as the Fantastic Slayer Bijomaru

I Don't Know Why I Love Nakamura Toru, And Neither Do You




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