The first Single

Nobody Wants Me / Dowannalove / Hate

The three songs for the E.P. were cut one afternoon in August in the lounge room at Faraday St. A great record. A great record (and history) were in the making technology was at a bare minimum, everything was down in one take, no over-dubs, through some borrowed microphones of dubious quality. Juke writer Stephen Charlesworth manned the borrowed 4-track.

The songs were 'Dowannalove', 'Hate', and 'Nobody Wants Me'. All very direct and urgent, short and sharp. The tapes were duly despatched to the Astor Record plant with an order for 500 disks. Gavin set about getting a cover together. Obviously, saving money was important - the labels would be blank and Gavin had the cover printed on brown paper bags!

The front cover would feature the bands' name across a picture of an aborted foetus in a bin, souvenired by Gavin from a 'Right to life' publication. It all worked in theory; but it was a long haul to find a printer that would work with lunch bags! One was finally located and the complete package would soon exist.

Babeez and Jeff Rule agreed that the band should raise it's profile with the release of the record and keep trying to find the right drummer.

Gavin was also keen on expanding musically, hopefully ensuring that Babeez sound would remain distinctive. Expanding the lineup could achieve that.

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