Further Reading

Power Unseen by Richard Dixon (W. H. Freeman Pub.)
A very readable book divided into short chapters each only a few pages long. The book is ideal for complete non-scientists and gives fascinating insights into the bacterial world and how it has impacted upon our own, including the effect of Bacteria on the founding of Israel, the ozone layer and innovative medical procedures.

The Outer Reaches of Life by John Postgate (Canto - Cambridge University press)
This is an easy-to-understand guide to the more unusual places on earth and what lives there. Places that are too hot or cold; have incredibly high pressures; or have no organic food. The book ends with an excellent section discussing the apparent immortality of bacteria and how they can sense and move about.

Microbes and Man by John Postgate (Cambridge University press)
Less easy than Power Unseen but still well worth looking at – most of the information is easily followed with a few ideas that will be easier to grasp with knowledge of GCSE chemistry. The book is arranged into large sections covering nutrition, decay and pollution, microbes in society, and several other areas.

Biological Science Edited by R. Soper (Cambridge University press)
A superb 'A' level textbook giving greater detail on some of the subjects discussed.


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General Biology

An excellent site for almost any area of biology is: Biology Online

Bacteria and Food

Legumes: http://www.clima.uwa.edu.au/beanfiles/ (especially section 4)

A good site from Australia (especially for children), but please remember, its not only legumes that associate with nitrogen fixing bacteria (click here for details)


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