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Hello, my real name is Erich, but I'm also known as "Bushpilot" by my online friends. I spent four years in Alaska, while stationed at Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska, in the US Air Force. I am still active duty, however, I have since been relocated to Florida. I'm now stationed at Eglin AFB, near Ft Walton Beach. This quiet Gulf Coast community is halfway between Panama City and Pensacola, Florida.

I have given this page an Alaskan theme, for my years in Alaska were probably the best years of my life. It was truely a once- in-a-lifetime experience, and it seems that four years was not enough for me. So, here I have chronicled some experiences and memories of this rugged, and awesome land

I am a private pilot currently pursuing a commercial rating. I got my license in Alaska on July 2, 1995. Since then, I have flown several hours over the wilderness of South Central Alaska, from Talkeetna to Homer. I hope you enjoy the images which I have placed here. I have an expanded page dedicated to my flying experience in Alaska.

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