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Welcome to my little home on the web. On this site you will find information on my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo XJ. I have made allot of improvements to increase the already outstanding off road ability of my XJ. Read along to find out what I have done and my future plans. You can click on any picture for a larger view.
The following series of pictures where taken after I installed ARB's Old man Emu 2 1/2 inch lift. The lift consisted of new rear springs, new fronts coils, and 4 new extend length shocks. I also added a front "packer" which is a 10 cm spacer. The packer is installed between the top of the front coil and the stock rubber isolator. I removed the rear sway bar when I installed the lift and have noticed no changes in ride or control. The front sway bar is still attached in these photos, but will be disconnected in the future.
The lift was easy to install. I did it with the help of my 12 year old son in one night. I did have a air compressor and coil spring compressors which helped. I managed to strip out both coils spring retaining clamp bolts when I removed them. I had to tap the holes to the next larger size and install larger bolts. The Olympic side bars did interfere with the installation of the rear springs, but unbolting and moving them down allowed me to get the springs off without to much trouble.
The limiting factor now is the front sway bar. I plan on making my own sway bar disconnects. I'll post the results when I'm done. Other modifications include  30X9.5R15 BFG AT's, Olympic side bars and rear air tank bumper, Borla cat back, K&N air filter, IPF lights, Uniden CB, 10 Disk CD changer, and custom dents and scratches. With a little over 80,000 miles I have had zero problems with the drive train or engine. The problems I did have were cause by me and LARGE rocks :) Ever see a smashed NP231? Found out the hard way you can weld cracks in the case :) Been there done that.
Future plans include a Safari snorkel and EZ-Lockers front and rear (I have these in the garage but was unable to install them before I deployed) and some serious skid plates.  I also have to track down a loud clunking noise coming from the front end, I had it before the lift and the lift has not improved it any, I'm thinking axle U joints or worse wheel bearings.  I did replace all the drive shaft U joints when I installed the lift so I know they are good. 

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A lost friend and companion.......
My best friend, a cherry 1953 Willys M38A1. It broke my heart but I had to sell it when I deployed to Hungary in support of Operation Joint Guard. To all the fellow Jeep owners who sold there beloved Jeeps due to situations beyond your control I know your pain. Let us take a moment of silence for all our fallen comrades, gone now but not forgotten.

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