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Hole in pocket is good, feel cocky all day. If you don't understand this, you're just too STUPID for my page. So I'll send you to Harley's!:)

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A great sight for Nike lovers

If you like Reebok, click here

The COOLESTall around sports sight on the web

The best NBA sight on the web

The Chicago Bulls Homepage

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Tom Reding's Page(kicks ass)

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MTV Online!

The Globe, An Online Chat Service

HTML Sights
Gamelan, an excellent HTML sight

Webpromotion is a great sight to find animated gifs

This is the sight to find your very own animated gif maker

Yet another great HTML sight on the web

My Midi Files
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Song NameAuthor/GroupRating(**** being great)
Beverly Hills CopsTheme Song****
Mission: ImpossibleTheme Song****
Dangerous MindsCoolio***

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