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Hello all. This is Ryze aka Mystery Gurl bka Aisha. You have entered "Ryze's Realm" which is the 1st site that you will find at mysterygurl.com. So how do you like the new design. I call it "Survivor" but really its more like a "Tropical Paradise". Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to make yourself at home in my "Realm" and visit as many times as you'd like. Within this site you'll find out more about me and the things I like. Click here for my personal section.

Just to fill you in on some basic info, my real name is Aisha (I-ESHA). I'm a junior at Florida A & M University which is located in Tallahassee, FL. I'm majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and I'll hopefully be graduating in the fall of 2002. But there's still alot more to know about me so Click Here to go to my personal section that contains more than enough personal info and pics of me.

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*What's New In The Realm!*

This is the section where I let you know exactly what's going on in my life at this particular moment in time. The week of March 16th was really a time of highs for me. It was Spring Break '01 and I spent it in Tally. I got sleep, caught up on the soap operas, and did some serious meditation.

*Some Strange Sounds*

I also purchased some new CD's. I'm all into this weird "techno" and soft rock type sound now. I went to a party with my buddy L and his girl Vanessa and she was listening to the funkiest type music I've ever heard. It was Radiohead. She said she listens to that kind of music when she's high. I didn't care about all that, I just loved the music. So I broke my old Pink Floyd tape, but that wasn't the sound I was looking for, so I bought some new cd's that relax your mind and open your mind while on that trip. The cd's that I bought were Sea and Cake's "Oui", Yo La Tengo's "And then Nothing turned itself", and Mouse on Mars "Instrumentals".

*Mysterygurl.com News*

There is not much news at Mysterygurl.com.. You need to check out that new Shaggy Cd. His song "Angel" is my favorite song of the moment. And Koffee Brown is reviewed in "See the Fire".Sorry but my scanner is broken so it'll be awhile before I get new pics up. I am currently reading "The Vampire Diaries Vol.1" by L.J. Smith. You can learn more about the novels by going to Harper Collins.

I changed some info in my personal section. There has also been an update and links added to See the Fire. Check out the new "Music Reviews".The new guestbook is up. I also added a link to my "Awards Showcase".

Today's Quote:
"It can't eat a brain"
-Kimmi (from Survivor)

Yesterday's Quote:
"It ain't where ya
been, But where I'm
bout to go"-Jay Z

Another Quote:
"I really don't
care right now."
Bobby Brown
(At MTV awards show)

Miss Betty's Quote
"I don't mean no harm, but....."-Betty Covington

Previous Quotes:
Make the money,
don't let the
money make you!"
Diamond (Player's Club)

Memorable Quote:
"Take a hike
brother. The long
hike."-Mr. Purty
"Evil Spirits"

Let's get down to business, shall we.
My mission is clear. 10 years from now I plan to be on some freaky deaky island with the one I love.(chillin)

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