Well it looks like more and more people are stopping by thats good to see and intrest in this car.
Hello and welcome to the page about my favorite car the 1977 celica liftback. As you can see the '77 celica looks like an older Mustang fastback. Here is some info that I know on the 1977 Celica (thats mine in the picture above). There were 2 models a ST and a GT model. In toyota terms they turn out to be TA-- for ST and RA-- for GT the years in america the dashes were replaced ethier by a 28 or 29. Under the hood of the Mustang Clone was a very unlike Mustang power plant. Stock figures for these cars (american models) was 96 hp. and 120 ft. lbs. of torque. Notice i said stock because after market products for the motor, which is 2.2 liters SOHC commonly known as the 20R, are put on such as headers and dual carb set ups. Other people go as far as to change the motor out for more modern Toyota power plants that produce close to 200 hp in contrast to the stock 96 hp. They are a great looking car you don't even really notice them on the road until you own one.... come to think of it its the same way with every car anyway there are many mods out there but so far i have none to share so enjoy the pics. If any of these pics belong to anyone let me know cause if you want it taken down thats fine but I would sure like to put up more info and create a much better layout of a gallery. I only recived a few emails before my old account died so if you sent me a pic before please send it again. Keep your 20R runnin and your tires on the road Rob Schuman

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