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Aho, Bienvenidos, Mi Amigos!..

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I live in the country, outside of our state capital city, Austin,Texas. Currently I'm in the coastal bend
area of our state, (in a small city named Victoria) as my adoptive mother, in her mid 80's, has health problems.
I work as a photographer/videographer here with Custom Video Service & do some freelance work as well.

I worked with a company that had a contract with a couple of Railroads that ran trains through our area. The company, based in Shawnee, Kansas, has to do with transportation of Railroad Crews, & Officals. And being the shutterbug I am..I'll be adding a Train Page shortly...

New development! I was recently married to a wonderful woman from the Ukraine.

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Through The Lens
A few shots from some of my travels! ( more to be added...)

Some things of Interest to me

Llookin's Adoption Page
A Reunion story, some helpful links, & a search engine!

Genealogy Page
Family Surnames & genealogy links

Helpful State of Texas 1-800 Telephone Numbers
No charge,...Toll FREE!

Family & Friends Page
...Continually under construction! A few photographs

Sound Page
Another plain & simple page with a 'few good links'...

'The Red River Valley '
'The Yellow Rose Of Texas'
'The Rose Of San Antonio'
'Texas, Our Texas' Offical State Song
a few midi file tunes to listen to, if you like, inspired in Texas!

Take a look at a page/s I'll be building at another site... More Stuff!..

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