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Just exactly why are you here?

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STILL kickin it on 2/21/04....my once a year update :-) How long is yahoo going to keep this page active? I love Michelle!

Stayin alive 4/25/03 woohoo!

Studys show that the average reader will not care or read anything about myself and that they'll skip over it. Hence the deletion of that part, for now.

Spring Training is almost upon us.

No good movies lately...at least that I've gotten a chance to see.

Just a reminder, Buff will always be the stuff.

More stuff will come eventually....when I get around to it, but I've spent so much time on my fantasy baseball league page, which is actually decent. In the meantime, I'll reward you freaks with some links.

Links to other sites on the Web

FFBL Webpage.Fantasy baseball League website that I own.
TMODThe Master of Disguise. Some funny stuff.
BEEFCAKE! South Park site.
10 Seconds Down.Sugar Ray fan site.
Big 3 Wrestling Newsboard.The best place for Wrestling News.
Josh's Real Audio MusicHuge archive of Real Audio music.
The Hits in Real AudioAnother good Real Audio site.

More to come eventually.

So far people have been to this page since 3/22/97. That really sucks, and you people can screw off for not coming here more often, so shut up.

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