elcome to my new website. This time, I am going for the simple, up to beat look for this site. I've done so many websites from using flash4, DHTML, and java applet. All are nice but never perfect... I hope this is the ONE. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site. Feel free to check out my bio, pictures and other stuffs. For the hell of it, and for the jiwang type guy i am, I am gonna dedicated this site to the topic of Love.

"I was once in love...
not just once... a few.
I guess i fall in love
too quickly. Usually
ended up with the wrong
gal and in the end suffer
from being dump. ahh...
but it was sure good to
be in love. someday,
even with the risk,
i am willing to fall
in love again."
ove is passion,
and to be in love
is to be passion.
h... love me now,
Love me tommorrow,
Love me forever.
ow of loyalty, shall i give
Till the end of time
end of eternity.
very minute my love grow,
Boundless by time
it has always been.

This page is under construction...
Bare with me...