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Welcome to Trenton Net, the place to (Find/Get help with) Games, MP3 music, ROM emulation, Street Fighter and more! As you should already know, Trenton Net is not just a internet site to visit, but also is your key into geting the latest FREE software from Trenton Technologies (tm). All software from Trenton Technologies (tm) are FREEWARE, and do not cost anything, so feel free to copy these fully lisenced versions. Please feal free to e-mail me your comments about this page!


Sega Saturn! The only system for the best in video
games! Why not buy a Playstation? Well, its a known fact
that NEW games require lots of RAM. Only the
Sega Saturn has a cartrige bay, for high speed I/O data
transfers to extra peripherals, such as expanded memory
(4-Meg) and other add-on cards (Modems, Mpeg Decoders,
ect...)! By having such a high speed I/O port, Saturn
users are able to play the latest video games, in 100%
arcade translations, with almost 0% Loading time! As for
Playstation users, their versions are plauged with
poor quality compressed sounds, missing and/or low
resolution graphics, and games that run at incredably
slow speeds (Due to swaping data constantly and the need
to stream data DURING game play. IE. Metal Slug, X-men
VS SF). In general, it all comes down to raw power.
While the Playstation may have slightly faster 3D
functions, the Sega Saturn has three parallel 32-bit RISC
prossesers and a much LOWER level operating system,
which allows direct accsess to hardware, which in turn,
allows for faster and far better video games!

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