Every cat has nine lives; this is just the 2nd generation !

Welcome to the Lynx Generation II, a group of people enjoying and supporting one of the most advanced portable gaming systems, even tho it's 10 years of age!

What's new ?

16-7-'97 Again NEW games added to the Lynx game dev. area: Ponx & Sfx by Songbird. New screenshots of Furries added. Updated some links. Take a look around.
26-6-'97 Added some more links, so we are up-to-date again.
25-6-'97 New pictures of three games from Digital Thunder arrived! These are cool. Look in the 'other developers' section.
11-6-'97   The whole site is updated. New links are added, More (a lot more) pictures of hot games are incorporated. Check out all items to get your Lynx info updated.

Currently the Lynx Gen II group is evaluating its next project. As you are a Lynx enthousiast, we want you to know what's going on @ Lynx Gen II

check out the following issues:

update Programming Information
  Games under development
  Future Projects
HOT ! Links to other game developers
update Lynx Links
update Personal Pages

          Currently,  Lynx users are dying to play great games...

Suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Anything to mail? eoostendorp@hotmail.com

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