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So you're sitting at a red light, minding your own business, fiddling with the radio, when you're blinded from behind by bright blue headlights. The buzzing, chainsaw-like racket gets louder as it approaches and takes the lane next to yours. You glance over to what's become an increasingly familiar sight-a ragged-looking import with primered ground effects, 18-inch red-anodized wheels, and umpteen gauges tacked to a dashboard that's awash in blue neon. Sure enough, the backwards-visor--wearing punk at the helm of this disaster throws a few revs, making you regret having acknowledged his presence in the first place. The light turns green, and you're in no mood to race, so you gently pedal out your street machine, just under half-throttle, which is more than enough to stay a couple lengths ahead of the 8,000-rpm bang-shifting madman next to you. A few seconds of this has you halfway deaf from this guy's buzz bomb, so you drop the hammer and watch his blue lights fade into the night. You settle back down to the speed limit, and ten seconds later, you're treated to a 100-mph "flyby," smiling 'cause you're sure he's already on the phone telling his friends how he dusted your big-block Chevelle. All you Ford, Chevy, Mopar, and AMC guys can relate on the street today, it’s us versus them.

Now before you get all riled up, know that we’re not so naïve as to think that we’re invincible to every import car. W've been mopped up by enough modified Supras and RX-7s to know and respect their reputations on the street and on the track. Anyone driving a serous street machine is a friend of ours. But to the posers, wannabes, and jokers who impersonate hot rodders, and perpetuate our already- bad reputation in the popular media, listen up: We’re calling you out. We’re calling out the guy who shows up at the Friday night test-and-tune, talks smack but never runs his own car’ and tears around the parking lot smoking the tires and endangering our safety. We're calling out the convoys of idiots who weave in and out of traffic on crowded free-ways, We’re calling out the sore loser who hurls a pop can at a car whose driver is too smart to risk his life racing on the street. Hey, it's the dead of winter, so everyone can use a little riling up. Engage yourself in a little bench racing, get those last-minute mods finished up. and lock in a few races before the first test-and-tune after the snow melts. Maybe you’ll even coherce a few imports to the starting line . But try not to laugh if they stage with their rear tires, OK?

***Summer 2004 (Southern WI) Swapmeet and car show schedule click here* **

Check this Band Out! "Automatic" If your near Janesville check it out. Click for their site. free downloads, show schedule, pics of drunk chics w/ titties falling out!!

My 61' Reissue Gibson SG.

My 1999 NBM TransAm just purchased dec. 29 2003 from Texas. click for pics and stats.

My 1983 Chevy truck I bought in Oklahoma in 2000. Now yellow. new pics click on it for more details. for sale. $4000.

My 1972 Nova I bought in 1990, My first car ever baught. LS1 single Turbo under construction. click on it for more details.

1991 Dodge Daytona C/S Turbo. sold it in 2002.

1984 Trans Am Brians old Car.

My 1995 Z28, I sold it fall of 2001. click on it for specs.

stuff for sale, parts, and vehicles. click here

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