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    • Let me introduce myself. My name is Kyu ho Lee and I am a student come from KOREA in UCDavis Extension Center. Actually, I just began how to surf, how to make my own homepage. If you have a good advice, pleaes let me know. And I appreciate your advice.
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    • Now, I'd like to let you know the information about UCDavis and Extension Center if you are interested in or if you are planning to attend to UCDavis. UCdavis is very famous for several parts of majors in U.S.A. Are you ready? OK! If you want to know about UCDavis then Click here now!!
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    • Oh! Do you want to take a course of IEP(Intensive English Program) before applying to graduate school or transferring for college and university in California? Let me give you some information. In Davis, there is an IEP on UCDavis Extension Center. It's good for you to improve your english skills. If you want to get some more information then Click here now!
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