Being addicted to talking and kidding around and having fun,
as most of us are,
we are spending at least as much time in the chatroom
as we do in the real world.

My own schedule looks something like this.....

8 a.m.
wake up....turn on computer, check e-mailor ICQ and anything else I feel like checkin'....get a cup of coffee...bring it here with me and find someone to chat with for a short time, maybe 2 hours.

Work some in the real world, maybe half an hour.....check ICQ and chatroom again...time for lunch.

Work in the real world again, maybe an hour. Move into chatroom for 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon....then time to think about dinner.

After that, the evening is mine....


visit the chatroom and / or chat on ICQ... ...until midnight ...(yawn!) time for bed about 2:30-3:00am.

Its a grueling schedule....but someone has to do it.

Maybe that's why they call me Princess of Chat.


Visit several chatroom sites and find one with which you're comfortable. Hope its ours; would break my heart if you chose another place. Anyway, when you join a chatroom.....and after the greetings are all done....listen for the tone of the conversation and, at an appropriate time, feel free to join right in. You may not like the tone of the conversation.

So leave!

If you'd like more information about chatting, or how to join a chatroom
or need any other advice .....


or, better yet ...

check the information on one of our linked chat pages listed below.



A lot of us have been expressing disappointment with the freezing and slowdowns in Chatplanet's Earthweb rooms lately, and it seems to be getting worse. We shouldn't complain, they provide the service free of charge, after all. But, we do need our chat time, don't we?

We have several other locations available to us, also free. IRC, accessed seasily through Webmaster, is one alternative. Most of us have been there already. A newer system, java based, like Chatplanet, is being offered by Geocities. Several of us have tried it, and it appears to be relatively troublefree. And we can have our own roomname and the room doesn't have to appear in the general list. We just always use our old roomname, chatzoo50, and anyone who knows it can visit.

It would be a big help if as many as possible would leave some kind of message on the board indicating how you feel about a change in location, and what location you would prefer if we did move the room.

Don't worry, it won't happen overnight. It will probably be, if it happens at all, a slow and gradual transition so no one will be left behind. Please give this some thought.

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