Welcome to the incredibly outdated site of Narf Time, founded in 1997.
perhaps i should introduce us... i am Git, and this site is co-abused (Dont be confused by this statement! Me and Git have very equal tendencies to ignore this page!)by my mejor amiga [best friend] Randy(click Randy to get to her personal page). things might be updated a little more often here if i didn't have to move nearly 3 years ago and leave a 3000 mile gap. those are so annoying. so, Randy lives by Washington DC, and i live by San Jose, CA. did you know cats like the taste of ear wax?
Randy [aka Carmen] is in a band! The Pocket Rockets Go sign their ghettobook.
i guess our main passion in life would be media of some sorts... movies and music. i might as well start with music, as that seems to be a major bonding force among people. main pursuits are: roxy music, t-rex, spacehog, pulp, david bowie, iggy pop, the dead milkmen, the vandals, the ramones, the sex pistols, the exploited, crass, big hair, latex generation, bouncing souls, the damned [can you tell this is a passionate subject for me?], iggy pop [again!], your mother, los rabbis, aka nothing, spishak, the b-sides, the jocks, rude life, rammstein, blink182 [fine! i admit it!], atari teenage riot, nin, switchblade symphony, alien sex fiend, duran duran, placebo, radiohead, nick cave & the bad seeds, pink floyd... aaah! Screw it! no more naming, this is so boring. [einsturzende neubauten, old manson, the doors, the who, the talking heads, led zepplin, kmfdm, beck, the aquabats!!]
Please stop me from doing that ever again.
As with all people, our tastes and hair colour change over time. I'm going to shut up now, and just delve directly into the branches... whee!

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SPiSHAK [git's friend's band's page]<--- go
The Jocks! another rockin' local band.<--- go
Ground Zeroh- another friend's band. [Check out the link to Skeeter, too!]
DECAY- this is in greek, click on the turntable to links to goth/industrial/punk band stuff. very nice people!
Spookyland! home of Lenore
Lenore's Playpen
Slave Labor Graphics home to JTHM, and all other jolly comics!
the Brunching Shuttlecocks
Church of Trent [Daria]

once again, might i remind you of the option of using the old index if this seems a bit dry to you! because it is! extremely dry! dry to the point of physical pain [inflicted by smashing your head against the keyboard, no doubt.] might i also remind you that because this partiuclar page has mostly been worked on by Git, it is probably slightly biased. because, honestly, Randy doesn't read bizzarre comic books like i do! but she should.

the gryphon guild!

the large men with a tazer aimed at my head want me to tell you that this is brought to you by the Yahoo/Geocities conglomerate. these fine folks bring us a seemingly unquenchable amount of webspace. we have over 80 html files and we've only used a little over a meg. woo!

AAAHHHH!!! AAAAAAAHH! AAAHHHH!!!! this will be more exciting later, i swear! aaah!