"Rotten" Rick's
End O' The Road~

Don't Even Stop
Unless You Have Mud-
In Your Blood!

"King Of The Road"

A Classic Roger Miller Tune!

Come On In!
This Here's Where
I Hang My Hat!

Welcome To My First Granddaughter!

Julie & Hector
Are The Proud Parents of Alyssa-
And I'm a GRANDPA!

Welcome To My New Granddaughter!
Jennifer & Jose just had their new baby girl,
I'm a GRANDPA, again!

This is how many dusty
traveling folk have stopped by!


Hey...what can I say?
Life goes on and sometimes~
you happen to step in it!

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Have Fun!

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Workin' Late???

We'll leave the light on for you!
I have to keep this light on,
day and night, as the work just
keeps on going and going and going....

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