This is a website made on the great band hHead. Unfortuantely they have broken up and are no longer making music. These are all mp3s that i recorded live from various concerts over the years.
  unreleased and live material

sorry for the sound quality but please remeber they are bootlegs and any unreleased/live hHead material is very cool! all are in MONO and are not to be used in any commercial way, just download, listen and enjoy!

  three-four bootleg

the place: toronto, opera house 3/96 -benefit concert in support of battered women

the setting: a very cold evening i remeber making the trek to the venue, started off with this amazing unreleased song in three-four


unreleased song in three-four mp3 file [1.44 MB]

incredible song possibly my favourite hHead track, could be called 'tired?' noah continually sings 'still tired'... then went right into this other great unreleased song with a slower tempo:

unreleased song mp3 file [1.82 MB]

bellybutton (Alt lyrics)

unreleased song




the concert review:

The Opera House-Benefit Concert...-hHead and other bands. March 1996.

   cock-eyed bootleg

the place: toronto, lees palace 6/96 -treble charger, hHead, the posies

the setting:a warm summer evening...


noah and brendan intro mp3 file [185kb]

teasing mp3 file [1.85 MB]
(with bill from treble charger on keyboards)

brendan comments on bills playing...mp3 file [82kb]

flipped mp3 file [1.2 MB]

friends (released on Squirtgun Records: The Singles 1995-1997)

noah introduces new drummer jason ray and fan screams: 'GO BRENDAN!' and brendan answers: 'Ya?' :) mp3 file [129kb]


brendan comments-someone yells: 'GO COREY!' and brendan yells back: 'who the fuck is corey?' mp3 file [240kb]

cockeyed mp3 file [1.7 MB]
better then the version on ozzy LP

brendan comments-wont get to hear the hit song remedial... mp3 file [365kb]

apartment mp3 file [1.6 MB]
different lyrics then version on ozzy LP

unreleased song (cut) mp3 file [968 kb]
is this a re-worked version of the 'tired?' song? (cut)



   rare songs

look out for my love mp3 file [273kb]

into the black:
an electric tribute to neil young

they oughtta bottle friday night mp3 file [255kb]

poetreason: the songs of bob snider
compilation album

joking mp3 file [260kb]

not if i smell you first sonic unyon compilation album
(previously unreleased)

better mp3 file [173kb]

elvis mondays vol. 1 compilation album
(previously unreleased)

happy mp3 file [400kb]

1993 CFNY New Music Search
(previously unreleased)