Lunachicks On The Run!

The Lunachicks are a 5-piece, New York City based band that has terrorized the underground scene since 1988. These precious darlings are punk rock’s answers to pop culture iconoclast John Waters, and their new album Pretty Ugly picks up where last year’s Jerk Of All Trades left off. Pretty Ugly is yet another collection of quick, catchy, clever, and analytical pop-core gems. Pretty Ugly is no Barbie Doll Corvette. In fact, it is the Ferrari of all plastic fun. The release comes fully loaded with turbo-charged guitar accelerations, automatic vocal overdrive, steel-belted bass run and piston pounding drum work. The Lunachicks never run out of gas. Their tank is overflowing with 14 high-octane jams containing more toxic shock humor, an ode to donuts, Dear Dottie letters, even a song that queries, “Is it a fork? Or Is it a spoon? SPORK!!!” You name it they dominate it.

The Lunachicks have reached a higher plateau of smart-asshood with this release. Cheery nihilism reigns supreme throughout Pretty Ugly with catchy in-your-face hooks. Through this album you can vicariously satisfy that unreleased rage towards life’s daily aggravations. Theo’s powerful pipes are accented nicely by Squid, Gina, Chip’s backing vocals. The combined strength of their voices give this album a solid sound. Pretty Ugly is the Lunachicks, only stronger, funnier, and faster.

The Lunachicks choose their exposure carefully. They have appeared, along with Deborah Harry and Joan Jett, in one of the very first ever live concerts broadcast over the Internet in January of ‘96 which was seen by over 4 million people worldwide. The band has also appeared in a few independent films including “Not Bad For A Girl” and “Rockstar” which Theo stars in. The past year Theo has appeared on the Jon Stewart Show, numerous Calvin Klein ads and commercials, a fashion spread in SPIN Magazine and runway shows for Betsy Johnson and Partricia Fields.

The Lunachicks will be hitting the road in support of Pretty Ugly with extensive touring in the U. S. and then will be off to Europe, Japan, and Australia. The Lunachicks have toured with The Offspring, Rancid, NOFX, Marilyn Manson, Reverend Horton Heat, Luscious Jackson, and The Muffs. They have also played with the likes of Peral Jam, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr., Butthole Surfers, The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, Rollins Band and many others.

Pretty Ugly hits the streets February 18, 1997. This album was produced by Fat Mike of NOFX and Ryan Greene. It was recorded during June of ‘96 in San Francisco in the same house that Ann Rice wrote “Interview With The Vampire”. Pretty Ugly is Lunachicks’ second release on Go Kart Records. Previous full-length releases include: Babysitters On Acid, Binge And Purge, Jerk Of All Trades and numerous 7 inches and compilations along the way. Pretty Ugly is the Lunachicks fourth release which proves these women are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, they sound better than ever, lapping up armfuls of more accelerated and complex song structures that give fans more variety to digest. Pretty Ugly serves up #1 on any menu.

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