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Ancient Egyptian Enemy #1

Academic Egyptologists

Bika Reed wrote in "Rebel in the Soul: a sacred text of ancient Egypt",

It is strange that so simple and evocative a language as Ancient Egyptian should be obscured by the very instrument of its rediscovery, the Egyptologist. No matter how academically erudite and analytically brilliant, can somebody who believes that Ancient Egypt was a primitive society, incapable of abstract thought, transmit to the modern reader its wisdom? Like a surgeon, who, searching for the soul of his patient with the help of a scalpel, declares there is no soul in man, the analytical mind, bent over a papyrus, with the scalpel of grammar, cries out, 'there is no philosophy in Egypt!' To such a mentality, the voyage of the Barque of the Sun is merely a pagan dream. Yet there objective reality would be a dream to the wise men of Egypt. It is as if a sleepwalker were placed as judge over the awake.

Academic Egyptologists make their living by degrading the Egyptians and their beliefs. One wonders why they bother with ancient Egypt, except that they are foreign destructive germs.

I realize, and everyone else should, that the Egyptological arena is infested by those whose only intention is to destroy the credibility of ancient Egypt. Typically, they are the wolves in sheep's clothing.

An example of the infestation of the Egyptological Arena, is Professor K.A. Kitchen, who is the Chair of Hebrew Studies, at Oxford (?), yet he is recognized by academia as an authority in Egyptology. His intention, just like many others in Egyptological Academia, is to twist history, in order to concur with the text of the bible.

The role model of this bunch is Alan Gardiner, who wrote in his book, Egypt of the Pharaohs,

What is proudly advertised as Egyptian history is merely a collection of rags and tatters.

It is absolutely clear in my mind that enemy #1 of ancient Egypt is the academic Egyptologist. I am determined to reclaim ancient Egypt from the enemies of ancient Egypt. Academic Egyptology must and will be destroyed. I will never waste an opportunity, in any of my public speaking or the website, to destroy the bastards (this is an actual description, and not name-calling, because bastards are illegitimate).

To these foreign germs, I issue my curses on academic Egyptologists, the publishers of their venom, and the families of all this illegitimate bunch.

You are cursed. You are cursed. You are cursed. You are cursed.

Heru The Avenger, Moustafa Gadalla

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