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Welcome to Cyber Dine'tah. (Navajoland) The Four Corners area is one of the most beautiful and historical places on earth. The Anasazi people called this area home until about 800 years ago, then the Navajo, Ute, & Hopi moved here, and are still here today. The Beleganas (White folks) didn't show up here until 1880. This was one of the last areas of the U.S. to be settled by the whites. Navajoland is filled with beauty, mystery, and a feeling of peace. Come visit and shed your city persona, slow down, take the time to explore Navajoland at your leisure. The air is pure here. Look at the stars....our average visibility due to air purity is 60 to 90 MILES! I'm glad you came to visit...please enjoy your your stay..and come back again.

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If you are interested in some of the animals that live in the 4 Corners Area, please visit On The Wildside. It has links to pages about the real "wildlife" of the 4 Corners!

The Wilderness societies Grand Staircase Page.EarthDay from the Wilderness Society.

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