All About Baja

What is Baja?
The GeoCities neighborhood, Baja; has been designed to cater to those folks with a zeal for life, adventure and taking the path less traveled! Here you will find web pages dedicated to 4x4's, hummers, hiking, motorcycles, and just about every other outdoor recreational sport you can think of! So grab your gear, rev up that 4x4 and head out for the adventure of your life, join GeoCities now and become a part of the most exciting online community known to humankind. Dare to go where no one had gone before!

A Note From Honeyimhome (Community Leader Liaison)
Welcome to Baja's Community Center. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit and will come back often for our news updates, chat event calendar, contests and Best of Baja Award updates. We look forward to being neighbors with you.

Mission Statement
Our goal as Community Leaders for Baja is to make every homesteader and visitor feel welcome and at home. We're here to help with any problems homesteaders or visitors may have while traveling thru GeoCities. If you encounter any problems or have any questions feel free to visit our leaders page and write to any of the cl's listed. Or perhaps you already have been helped? If so

why not fill out our Customer Service Form and tell us how we did?

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